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Researching the Best Wedding Photographers can be hard. Even if you narrow it down to a handful of photographers, you just don’t have time to devote to the search. I will give you a little info about me and my approach.

What makes a good wedding photographer in New York City?

  1. I was born and raised in Manhattan. I’ve been navigating this city for most of my life and finding new hidden gems along the way.
  2. With 15 of experience as a wedding photographer in New York, I am definitely confident with my craft and an expert in perfecting my craft and making sure you look incredible.
  3. I know all the best locations. Whether you want something classic, iconic, or unique, I can recommend the perfect venue or location to fit your style. In fact, check out my 101 best NYC engagement photo locations!
  4. Are you a New Yorker yourself and want something less touristy? I know all the secret places, so you can exchange vows off the beaten path.
  5. Feeling spontaneous? As an adventurous and creative girl myself, I love coming up with ideas on a whim.
  6. Navigation is my middle name. I am familiar with all the streets from Battery Park, up to 125th Street, and then some. And I know endless alternate routes, too.
  7. I can recommend the best places for food after a City Hall wedding. After that once-in-a-lifetime experience, people watching for hours can work up an appetite! I’ll steer you in the right direction for a romantic, celebratory first dinner as newlyweds.
  8. I’ve photographed over 700 weddings, I’ve seen all types of unique celebrations.
  9. Not only do I know exceptional vendors, but I can recommend the right ones for you!
  10. Always ready for anything like lighting. A Central Park ceremony will be filled with natural light, while St. Patrick’s Cathedral tends to be a little darker. I’ve mastered the skill in “finding the light”, to give you images that look properly exposed!
  11. Following #10, I’ve also learned what makes a good photo op. There are lots of hidden gems in and around venues that make for some stunning First Looks and couple’s portraits.
  12. I specialize in authentic photography. I’m here to tell your story.
  13. Working with a team of amazing wedding photographers and videographers, and you’ll have a blast with us.
  14. We go above and beyond. We treat you like a friend and communicate with you throughout your whole planning process.
  15. I understand the importance of photography from both fine art and documentary standpoints.
  16. Not only am I a wedding photographer, but since I had my own wedding recently, I know first hand from experience.
  17. I have a streamlined process and I provide you with a wedding guide along with some timeline examples to help sort your day.
  18. We have been considered legacy photographers because we have documented from proposal to wedding to family photos.
  19. I love capturing every moment, I never want to put my camera down. I can make you feel comfortable and not awkward. Don’t worry about posing. I’ll help you along the way – and I promise to tell you if your hair is out of place.
  20. We have the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Less than a week for engagement photos, and less than 4 weeks for wedding photo galleries. We do everything in-house because I love being able to relive the moments and curate the best!

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