Every love story is unique.

To tell a story well, we first set the scene. Then, we paint the big picture. Finally, we highlight defining details.

We capture your multi-faceted personalities in an emotive fashion.


Like your love story, you deserve a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable experience.

Resulting in photos that emotionally take you back to your day.

Here’s what you can expect to experience:


Your wedding day deserves to be captured in the best way possible. We pay attention to details and create a photo timeline of all the important moments of your must-have shots. We do ONE wedding a day, so you get us for the full day of services. Some of the services we offer which are customizable:

  • Complimentary Engagement Session
  • Full day coverage
  • Two or more lead photographers
  • Photo Timeline Creation
  • Custom hand-editing and composition by Susan Shek
  • Sneak peeks within 24-48 hours
  • Fully edited gallery within ONE MONTH
  • Private gallery hosted for up to a year (no watermarks)
  • Custom-designed photo albums by Susan Shek
  • Cinematography and Photo Booths are also available through our company.
Tribeca rooftop wedding susan shek photography
surprise proposal


Get proof that you pulled off an iconic proposal by hiring us to capture the occasion and help you plan it. We’ll recommend locations and vendors, like florists and designers, to make it meaningful and memorable.


Begin your wedding journey with the total assurance you’ll receive beautiful photos and feel comfortable in front of the camera. During your engagement session, we’ll get to know one another better. I’ll ask questions and photograph how you light up when discussing one another. And you’ll see how we direct you to feel most comfortable…


Receive a customized proposal that fits your needs and services in your desired photos. Your proposal will include wedding coverage, the number of photographers, the expected amount of photos you’ll receive, and when and how you’ll receive them.


Rely on us to create a photography timeline that includes the day’s important events. Considers the time of day to optimize the natural light, sunset, and dusk. Everything is created and reviewed together weeks in advance, so everything is planned and worry-free.

Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography
Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography


Feel at ease after our in-person walk-through as we scout for places with the best lighting. After our meeting, I’ll adjust the photo timeline, if needed, Making sure we have plenty of time to and from the venue so that you don’t feel rushed or like certain photos will be missed the day of.


Our team is with you from getting ready until winding down the evening.

For elopement or micro-wedding services, please inquire about pricing by the hour.


We offer sneak peeks in some of our collections. Then, up to four short weeks later, you can get excited to receive and share your full gallery of photos.


Receive professional and hand-edited photos that reflect your style and personality. Story-driven images you’ll love as much today as you will ten years from now.

Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography

“There are many elements that contribute to the success of one’s wedding day, and as a previous wedding planner, I am familiar with the importance of all these details. Susan Shek provided the care and attention on my wedding day
that I couldn’t have anticipated needing or lacking.” – Alina


Ensure the environment and emotions of your wedding are well preserved. While photos pause a moment forever, video allows you to relive those moments more emotionally.

With video, you’ll not only see your vows and speeches from your family and wedding party, but you’ll also hear them.

“Throughout all the excitement of our wedding day, we realized that it was only by seeing it happen again in slow motion that we caught the details of that glorious day. I can easily say we’ve watched that wedding video over 100 times.”
– Michele


Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography


Touch and hold the moments documented in your photos with an album and/or print. Rather than clicking through photos on a computer, a tangible item can help form a stronger memory of your day. And with print, you can never accidentally delete your images or memories.


Entertain your guests and receive even more candid images to remember your wedding day. Choose from different backdrops to best complement the design of your wedding. Even gift your guests a parting keepsake of their photo to take home and/or post to social media.

“Throughout all the excitement of our wedding day, we realized that it was only by seeing it happen again in slow motion that we caught the details of that glorious day. I can easily say we’ve watched that wedding video over 100 times.”
– Michele