What Is So Special About City Hall Weddings?
Who wouldn’t want to get married at the same place Carrie Bradshaw married her beloved companion?  What if I told you this same location was both inexpensive and located in a prime New York City area?  Well if I’ve got your attention, then you need to consider an NYC City Hall Wedding.  City Hall Weddings are the way to go! 

In Downtown Manhattan on the corner of Broadway and Chambers Street is the beautiful City Hall Park.  Within this nature filled park is the grand and historical City Hall, waiting for your love story to take place within.

Susan Shek, A City Hall Wedding Photographer
I have shot a countless number of weddings as a City Hall Wedding Photographer.  This experience means I know all the best places to shoot around the surrounding area.  From the beautiful rocky-esque steps that lead up to the front doors of the Original NYC City Hall to the large white pillars that look like a Greek mythology story; there are many backdrops that can be used to set the tone of your love story.

Not only can I be your City Hall Wedding Photographer, I can even act as your witness when it’s time for your ceremony.   I’m also happy to help you plan the important elements that go into your NYC City Hall Wedding.  I can help arrange your dinner reservations, transportation (taxi, uber, limo) floral arrangements, dress/tuxedo rentals, and any other addition to your NYC Wedding Planning needs.

You won’t find anyone that knows NYC better than me!  My prices for City Hall Weddings start at $1500 which includes 200+ high resolution edited photos, all photos placed onto a private online gallery for download within 48 hours, print release form. – call now to book your City Hall Wedding NYC.

City Hall-Wedding Susan Shek Photography

    1. How Does the Marriage Process Work for City Hall Weddings?

Your actual NYC City Hall Wedding ceremony doesn’t take place at City Hall, it takes place at the City Clerk’s Office.  Before you go through with the ceremony, you must file for a marriage license.  This is a 24-hour process, which technically means you can get married within 24 hours of getting your license.  Truly, City Hall Weddings are the fastest kinds of weddings.

City Hall Weddings Susan Shek

Eloping in New York Susan Shek

  1. How Much Do Marriage License’s Cost for City Hall Weddings?

Good news here!  A Marriage License will only run you $35.00.  This allows you to budget your money when it’s time to hire your City Hall Wedding Photographer.

City Hall Marriage Susan Shek

  • What Forms of Identification Would We Need to Get a Marriage License?

Thankfully this isn’t a trip to the DMV.  Only one form of identification is required when applying for your marriage license. Click here for a valid list of identifications.

Marriage Bureau Susan Shek

  • How Do I Get to City Hall?

Super easy!  I always recommend downloading Google Maps when navigating through New York City.  You can simply type in your Origin and your Destination.  In this case, your destination will be 141 Worth Street for the City Clerk’s Office, or if you’re going directly to City Hall then the address is City Hall Park, New York, NY 10007.  Also consider getting an Uber, Lyft, or Taxi to your destination.  Nobody wants to take a subway on the day of their wedding.

Intimate Wedding Susan Shek

City Hall Elopement Susan Shek

  1. What Do I Do About Flowers?

Lucky enough, you can purchase flowers inside City Hall.  They do overcharge though, so I recommend getting from a local florist or even one of the outside street vendors.  The Street Vendors outside of City Hall can give you a great deal; however, their availability is never guaranteed.

Eloping Is Fun Susan Shek

City Hall Wedding NYC Susan Shek

NYC City Hall Wedding Susan Shek

  1. How Much Time Should I Dedicate To an NYC City Hall Wedding?

Elopements can take as little as 15 minutes and as long as two hours.  So give yourself a solid two hours just in case, but be ready to move in and out quickly.  The actual City Hall Wedding Ceremony only takes about thirty second.  Keep in mind, there are no vows spoken at these ceremonies.

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City Hall NYC Wedding Ceremony Susan Shek

City Hall NYC Wedding Susan Shek

City Hall Weddings NYC Susan Shek

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NYC City Hall Weddings Susan Shek

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