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City Hall Weddings in New York City

Why do you need an expert City Hall Wedding Photographer for your day?


  • Technical Expertise: Experienced photographers know their cameras and lighting inside out. They can quickly adapt to tricky city hall lighting and get sharp, clear photos.
  • Knowing the Venue: Many city halls have unique architecture or limitations on where you can take photos. A seasoned city hall photographer knows the best spots for flattering angles and backdrops, ensuring beautiful pictures despite the constraints.
  • Capturing Candid Moments: Professional photographers are experts at capturing those fleeting, genuine expressions of love and joy during your ceremony. They’ll anticipate key moments and ensure you have natural, candid photos that tell the story of your day.


  • Quality vs. Price: While a cheaper photographer might seem tempting, their lack of experience can result in blurry, poorly lit photos that miss crucial moments. Invest in quality to ensure you get photos you’ll cherish forever.
  • Beyond the Ceremony: Consider if you want photos beyond the ceremony itself, like getting ready beforehand or family portraits. A professional photographer can create a beautiful package that captures the entire experience.
  • Value for Money: Consider your wedding photos an investment in memories. A skilled photographer delivers high-quality images that remind you of your special day for years.

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Your guide to having your wedding at the City Hall Marriage Bureau.

Many couples dream of getting married in New York City. The marriage bureau and its surroundings are in a beautiful and historic building, and there are plenty of ways to make your ceremony and photos unique.

Here are some tips for planning your wedding at the marriage bureau:

  • Book your appointment in advance. Marriage licenses are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, so booking your appointment in advance is essential, especially if you’re getting married during peak season (May-October).
  • Decide on your ceremony time. Typically, it’s better in the mornings. They break for lunch at NOON for an hour, so you don’t want to be stuck waiting around.
  • Hire a photographer. A photographer can capture the special moments of your wedding day, from getting your marriage license to saying your vows. Many talented photographers specialize in City Hall weddings.
  • Make it your own. There are many ways to personalize your wedding at City Hall.

I have photographed countless weddings as a City Hall Wedding Photographer. I know everyone there by name, and they recognize me every time I stroll through the hallway. Having worked here many times means my expertise has led me to find every angle possible for the best photos under any lighting conditions.

Not only can I be your City Hall wedding photographer, but I can also help you plan your day around your ceremony.   I can help suggest and arrange your lunch or dinner reservations, transportation (taxi, Uber, limo), floral arrangements, dress/tuxedo rentals, and any other addition to your NYC Wedding Planning needs. As a New York native, you won’t find anyone who knows New York City better than I do!

What if we are from overseas and want to elope to NYC?

After eloping at the marriage bureau, you must return to the front desk and apply for an extended certificate. You head to the Supreme Court Building at 60 Centre St with this certificate.

123 William Street. Or if you have me as your photographer, I can buy in advance for you at a bank or personal check, saving you time and a journey. The Apostille accepts this “short” certificate with authentication after they accept your money order and the paperwork.

How Much Time Should I Dedicate to this day?

The actual wedding ceremony is around two minutes.  The best days of the week are Tuesday through Thursday and midday to avoid long wait times. Mondays and Fridays have always been the BUSIEST!

How Much Do Marriage Licenses Cost?

The marriage license is $35 and the ceremony fee is $25

What Forms of Identification Would We Need to Get a Marriage License?

Thankfully, this isn’t a trip to the DMV. Click here for a valid list of identifications.

How Do I Get to the New York City Hall Marriage Bureau?

The destination for the marriage bureau will be 141 Worth Street. It’s a clerk’s office conveniently located nearby. Consider using Uber, Lyft, or a taxi to get there.

What Do We Do About Flowers?

You can purchase them from a local florist or make your own.

Are there snacks, food, or drinks?

Unfortunately, they do not sell food or drinks inside for safety reasons. You can purchase food or drinks outside on the corner by the stand. I recommend bringing your own if you plan on waiting a long time to elope.

Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography

What can we do after our ceremony?

After your ceremony, we will take pictures around the marriage bureau. We can also head to Brooklyn Bridge if the weather is nice, or Dumbo, or City Hall Park. I’m also available to go uptown and take Central Park photos.

Some out-of-towners or couples who want a staycation will book places like The Beekman Hotel. If you do book a room there, you are allowed one hour of photos in designated areas.

Portraits after City Hall Marriage Bureau Wedding at Beekman Hotel

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Below is a Google Maps map of the Marriage Bureau’s location in Manhattan. The address is 141 Worth Street.

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