About Susan Shek

It’s hard to imagine my life outside of weddings and events, but I’d to think I’m a little bit of a wild card in terms of my personal interests and passions.

For dinner, I’m thinking…

· A buzzing new restaurant (Lately Oxomoco is our jam! Eating is a hobby, right?)


· Dinner for two at home (did I mention my husband is a chef?)

My favorite pastime is either…

· Shopping for a new Chanel purse (How many is too many? …Asking for a friend)


· Biking around the city with our beautiful rescue Weimaraner Stella (Or let’s be real – letting her run off her energy at the dog park!)

On a (non-wedding) weekend, you’re likely to find me…

· Scaling mountains, skydiving or exploring new cultures (I’m at 43 countries and counting – where should I go next?)


· Holing up with the newest docu-series or Game of Thrones (Why does it have to end!?