Finding someone who completes you is a feeling unlike any other. And like finding the love of your life, you deserve a photographer that best completes you.

A photographer who not only documents your experience but creates one for you.


Your wedding is an investment. Financially and emotionally.

And selecting the right photographer means you’re also investing in your overall experience.

With me, that experience is personalized from beginning to end. It starts with a custom proposal that fits your exact needs. And continues through to the end when I deliver a personally edited collection of photographs.

And everything in between.


Like a documentary-style director, I focus on the natural, candid flow of things.

First I observe. Then I direct.

Here are some of the ways I naturally, yet intentionally, direct you.


Receive beautiful images regardless of the quality of the light. From moments in the daylight to those on the dance floor, I’m an expert of photographing them all. And because I have connections with the best in the city, I provide vendor recommendations who will best bring your vision to life.

My team and I adjust to any situation. So whether we have to rearrange the timeline because something or someone is running behind…Or inclement weather permits us from taking photos outside… You can relax knowing that you get the photos you want and time to spend with your guests.

A large part of how I create photos that showcase your unique traits is by focusing on the way you interact together and places that speak to you. I infuse your ideas with my 30+ year knowledge and love of the city, to create photos that frame your personality and your surroundings, together.

Together we overcome any obstacle. Because I’ve photographed approximately 1000 couples over the past 15-years, my team and I overcome every challenge that can take place on wedding day. We always anticipate the expected and are ready for the unexpected.

Email, phone call, video call, text, direct message… However it is you like to communicate, you’ll do so directly with me. You’ll receive thoughtful, honest, and quick communication. As well as clear direction, both before and during your wedding day, to make you feel at ease.

Know what to expect at all times with my guidance and direction. I’m a natural leader. So I have no issues taking control when needed. But, I have also perfected the art of blending into the background when most appropriate.

To make sure we genuinely connect, you and I will take time to get to know one another. I ask you all of the right questions. And, instead of immediately diving into photos, we talk, let loose and get comfortable beforehand.

“During our engagement shoot, we had no idea what we were doing, and what we soon came to learn about Susan is that the second she is behind the camera – she is a director! She knew exactly which poses would flatter both of us, which lighting was just right, catered to our french bulldog, oh and she made us feel like we were supermodels (which we definitely are not!) We needed someone to tell us what we should be doing and Susan picked up on that without us having to say a word!” – Hannah




Susan | Photography

I got my start photographing famous musicians and DJs like (Tiesto and Benny Benassi) in the early 2000s. It taught me the importance of capturing a moment as it happened in the darkest environment and always be ready and prepared for the unexpected, and how to work in low-light situations.​​​​​​​ This is why today, I love a strong evening portrait as much as a daytime one!

But what really drove me to photograph weddings 16-years ago, was losing my father to cancer. It taught me how short life is and how memories need to be preserved.

Now, I put my creative control and experience to good use – Hoping to capture those memories for you in order to create your history and preserve your legacy. ​​​​​​​

When I’m not working, you can find me at home with my husband and our rescue baby, Stella, traveling to new countries (45 and counting!) or eating at the best restaurants around the city with family and friends.

Harry | Photography

Always reliable and always committed to providing the best experience and quality of photos for our couples, Harry is my go-to second (and sometimes lead) photographer on wedding days.

He has an easy-going attitude, like me, and a can-do personality that’s hard to find amongst other photographers.

He has a professional background in lighting that makes him the perfect partner in situations where lighting is less than perfect. Together, we tackle any space, at any time – day or night.

Harry Lead Photographer

Sung June | Videography

Formerly an assistant turned videographer, Sung June has become – in my humble opinion – one of the best videographers in New York City.

Like me, he is meticulously detailed. And works hard, only satisfied until he’s captured the right angle, feeling, and emotion in a moment or detail.

Under my wing, he studied for 3-years on how to film, edit and direct the most epic wedding stories. Now, I trust him explicitly – To the point where I can’t imagine doing a wedding without him by my side.

Our team of photographers, videographers, and assistants are all adhering to CDC guidelines and fully vaccinated.

“It rained during half of our big day, Susan and her team assured us with a smile that they will capture spectacular shots and kept us on schedule during a hectic day that was thrown off due to weather. Harrison (one of her team members) worked in sync with my best man to assure that I didn’t have to lift a finger for anything. The team arrived at my wife’s room and mine early to get us going and captured impeccably behind the scenes moments that view like a movie.”