About Susan Shek

susan shek head shot

The passion I have for photographing weddings and love is what drives me to live my purpose, every day. 

My involvement on your big day is beyond snapping photos. I dedicate myself to being a part of this celebration; I will always help if you need an extra hand when pinning a boutonnière, hand you a tissue when you get teary-eyed at an inconvenient moment, and be the point person if you need to relax. 

My signature aesthetic as a photographer is to capture organic and unstaged moments. I want to evoke the essence of you and your partner through the images that you and your family can reminisce and enjoy for years to come.  I tailor my services to the unique needs of each couple with customized collections, and beautiful photos.

I learned from my beautiful grandmother, who has been involved in charities her whole life, to always give back and to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Watching her devote her time and energy to others has inspired me to do the same in my field of work. I found that my purpose in life is to help make people feel amazing and to capture that through photography. When I meet these couples and take part of their journey by capturing the highlights of their wedding, it is something I do not take for granted. It inspires me, makes me feel so humbled, and I am constantly striving to do better.  

I’m grateful for these opportunities and therefore I always give 10% of my profits to charity.  I encourage people (in whatever professional field they’re in) to give back. When you choose to be grateful and give back without expectation, you’ll soon see how much this can do for your heart, mind, and soul. 

Endlessly grateful,