About Susan Shek

The passion I have for photographing weddings and love is what drives me to live my purpose, every day. 

I chose to be an entrepreneur after learning from the hardships of my mother owning a restaurant and raising my sister and me on her own.

Losing my father to cancer almost twenty years ago made me realize how short life is and that memories need to be preserved through photography. Having these life experiences combined with photographing couples happiest moments of their lives, is what made me who I am today. I want to continue this legacy and never tire of this beautiful passion of mine that has turned into a lifelong career.

Working in this industry for over 14 years, I have experienced all types of weddings, which made planning my own wedding last year easier.


-When I’m not capturing love, my free time is spent traveling the world experiencing new cultures. 43 countries and counting!
-I’ve traveled solo to New Zealand and Australia and backpacked all over
-My superpower is eating. Cooking too, but mostly eating and my husband is a chef and an attorney! 🙂
-We don’t own a TV (I prefer human connection and conversation)


Stella our CFO is the biggest cheerleader and motivation for my business. I want to give Stella the best life ever so I work super hard to make sure she gets all the organic food, beds, toys, and care she deserves. We also donate to The Grayter Good Weimaraner Rescue. Stella encourages you to bring your dog to your engagement shoot, or better yet, your wedding day for all the fun!

Harry Lead Photographer

Harrison (Harry) has been with us for over 5 years. He is the real MVP of Susan Shek Photography! All our couples love him and rave about him. He’s super charismatic, down to earth, and fun to be around. You can also see most of the reviews around the web mention him a couple of times! He’s so easy to work with and always gets creative with his keen eye at weddings.

susan shek studios
These are the happy faces you will see at your wedding 🙂