One of the first things after getting engaged is thinking about your engagement photos. If you are like me, and don’t take a lot of photos, leave it to a professional like me to help you get comfortable for your engagement photos! I really want you to be yourselves during this engagement photo shoot. It’s a great time to get dressed up and look your best as if you were going on your second or third date with each other all over again. I’d like you to choose a place you both frequent so it can be a familiar place you both enjoy and that way the engagement photos will look as natural as who you both are in your relationship. We will find your best angles and get to know which type of photos you like to envision for your wedding day.

I will share outfit ideas, places where you can rent a gown and a tuxedo or suit, and maybe some mood boards depending on the season to give you the best choices for the right time. I will also guide you and give you directions on what to do when you are ready. Lets make it lighthearted and fun, and you won’t dread taking photos ever again!