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Nantucket Wedding in Galley Beach

Last year, we had the honor of capturing photography and videography for two wonderful people. I felt like I knew them for years, especially since they booked me almost three years in advance for their wedding! Rich and Michele were an absolute pleasure to work with; but more importantly, they have an incredible bond that was a joy to capture. I couldn’t help but smile at every knowing glance, subtle touch, and warm embrace they exchanged. They have something special, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

For their destination wedding, guests traveled from across the US – including Texas, Ohio, and California – to watch this special couple tie the knot on Galley Beach. It’s no wonder why Michele and Rich chose this location, or why their guests happily traveled so far. Nantucket, Massachusetts is a breathtaking magical seaside town. The food is delicious, and the people are so nice! 

I love destination weddings. It gives us a chance to see new places and learn about the history of each location. Also, the change in scenery is always good for the soul. Although I’m technically working while I photograph destination weddings, I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be. I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and experience new places and cultures.

Destination Weddings in Nantucket, Massachusetts

For a quiet and intimate seaside wedding, Nantucket is the perfect option. It’s just a quick 45-minute flight from New York. Additionally, most major airlines fly into Nantucket, so it’s doable even for guests across the country (as many of Rich and Michele’s guests were).

Nantucket is a small, remote island off Cape Cod. The dune-backed beaches mean plenty of soft, white sand. Plus, the wavering seagrass provides a gorgeous backdrop. As you come onto the island, you’re taken back in time to a historic 1800s whaling hub. Of course, the island is no longer such a hub (although it’s still great for whale watching). However, the historic wharves, delicious restaurants, characteristic cedar-shingled buildings, and cobblestone streets remain. 

Now, you’ll see yachts, sailboats, and wooden boats bobbing up and down among the piers. You’ll also find many high-end boutiques full of one-of-a-kind items and clothing. It truly is a wonderful place to spend an extended weekend – a destination spot all your guests will be happy to attend.

Nantucket Weddings Venue List

Since Nantucket is an exclusive wedding destination, the island features many options for hosting the perfect wedding weekend.

Some of our favorite venues include:

  • The Wauwinet – This historic and luxurious inn neighbors the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge and quiet coastline.
  • Harborview Nantucket – As the name suggests, these lovely cottages feature views of the peaceful harbor. Plus, the lawn and gardens are perfectly manicured for an outdoor wedding.
  • Galley Beach Restaurant – As shown in Rich and Michele’s wedding, this venue sits right on the beach overlooking the Nantucket Sound. A true beach wedding.
  • Westmoor Farm – A rustic chic inland venue with the largest hydrangeas we’ve ever seen!
  • The White Elephant – Nantucket’s most luxurious resort surrounded by the harbor’s natural beauty.
  • The Nantucket Hotel – Full hotel and resort with all the amenities you can think of with the best service to boot!

Among many others….

Finding a Destination Wedding Photographer

When choosing a destination wedding photographer, it’s not just about finding someone who is willing to travel, but also someone who will authentically capture every part of your wedding weekend. You don’t have to worry about a thing – simply relax and savor every moment. 

When you book with Susan Shek Photography, you’ll get a personalized photography experience. We’ll help you capture the smallest details to the grandest moments…and everything in between. As a professional and experienced destination wedding photographers and videographers, we’ll make sure your memories last for years to come.

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