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Like New York City, you are sophisticated and stylish, refined and edgy, classic and iconic, precise, and whimsical.

And like you, your wedding will be one-of-a-kind.

Your photos should be too.




Most of them expected, some of them unexpected, and all of them extraordinary.
You’ll want to relive those moments forever even if you don’t realize that now.
And with my direction, you’ll be able to.

Hi, I’m Susan Shek


I’ve been told that my photos take you back to those moments. They allow you to relive those exact emotions. And tell the big picture story of your day.

The setting, the people, the details. It all plays a part in the narrative. So, I like to document it all.

​​​​​​​For the past 16 years, I’ve expertly photographed moments as they’ve naturally unfolded. And I’ve given my all to ensure my clients have an unparalleled experience.

From framing the surroundings to include iconic landmarks, to directing you with suggestions that help you feel confident…

The role I play requires so much more than clicking a button.

It’s my goal to provide you naturally beautiful photos that match your personality.

Photos that you can look back on in 10-years and remember precisely how those moments took place.


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The memory recall is strong with the choices Susan makes in editing. [Her] storytelling is profound, and dare I say – transcendental. I attribute her ability to connect with the heart of a couple and event which aids in her seamless translation of the nuances she captures.” – Alina


Love is the greatest gift – A powerful force that drives our passions and desires.

My greatest passion is finding a unique way to preserve the important events, emotions and environment of your day.

And ultimately, create a personalized experience, help you visualize your day, and tell the story of your love with noteworthy imagery.


We’ll begin with conversation and connection. You’ll share your wedding ideas. I’ll listen and learn how you want to remember your day. And I’ll begin creating a detailed plan for how we’ll preserve those moments.


We’ll discuss your vision for the day, and I’ll recommend trusted partners that can elevate and bring it to life. Then, I’ll begin visually designing the day structured around your personalities and surroundings.


On your wedding day, I’ll observe you as you interact with each other and your guests. And like an impromptu director, I’ll guide you into picture-perfect moments when needed.

The end result… A memorable experience and images that tell a story as one-of-a-kind as the two of you.



“Susan caught our attention because of [her] unique photos – capturing each couple in a way that told their own story. So many other photographers had their ‘style’, which made sense but took away from the unique qualities of the couple.”
– Leah


The Importance of Wedding Photography

NYC Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos are visual proof of the moments and people that matter most. 

The unseen moments of cocktail hour so that you can feel as if you took part. And multiple angles of your ceremony that document you and your partner’s reaction as you exchange vows.

Your wedding photographer is one of your most influential wedding vendors. Not just on the wedding day but even more so on all of the days after.

Make sure you find the right one… The one who you connect with. Who has seen it all throughout their years of photographing weddings. And who focuses on creating an experience rather than just taking your photos.

The one who leaves you with no regrets. And who you trust to photograph the important moments before they’re gone.


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As an NYC wedding photographer for over 16 years, Susan Shek prides herself on the ability to truly build a deep-rooted and authentic connection with her couples and infuse passion for finding unique ways to preserve the most important moments, emotions, and experiences of a special day. There’s a certain charm about the backdrop of New York City that brings any love story to life in the most eye-catching, memorable, and truly breathtaking way.  

Just like New York City is known for its eclectic mix of cultures, cuisines, and charms, Susan Shek is known for curating an iconic wedding photography journey that’s simple, unique, and timeless for every single one of the couples she works with. It’s no question that love is the ultimate gift and a couple’s wedding day is filled with so much expression. Susan Shek Photography, along with her team of professionals, is there to help you visualize your day, before it begins, and stands by your side, preserving your love story within each noteworthy image.  

When we think about New York City, our minds are filled with picturesque images we’ve collected over the years from movies, television shows, and even inside storybooks, where the words bring a clear and pinpointed image of the city. We light up thinking about roaming around Central Park in the fall, ice skating in Rockefeller Center during the wintertime, walking the avenues on a warm sunny day in the summer. 

It’s easy to view New York City history and promise of constant adventure as a romantic setting. Couples from all over the world (from UK, Italy, Australia to China) and even from all over the United States (from as far away as Seattle and San Diego) have found solace in the idea of getting married in the Big Apple and having their wedding photography happen with New York City as the backdrop. 

At Susan Shek Photography, there’s always a thrill in asking more about why. What makes a couple decide to tie the knot in a place like New York City is where Susan and her team of photographers begin the very draft of this couple’s love story. It’s the why that drives their journey toward walking down the aisle. It’s why Susan and her team explore countless neighborhoods, landmarks, scenery, and even seasonal specialties that all come together for the most incredible NYC wedding photographer experience.

One of the best parts of being an NYC wedding photographer is getting to pair her love for the ins and outs of the big city with the ideas, dreams, and visions that a couple has for their wedding photos. To Susan Shek, she is more than just a wedding photographer, she is the eyes and ears for a couple getting married, listening closely to the details of their love story and inserting those details into each and every photo. 

As a wedding photographer for 16 years, Susan Shek has watched so many different, interesting, and utterly beautiful wedding stories play out on her home turf of New York City. She will never forget the couple who had been together for so many years, taking yearly trips to galavant around New York City, calling her up on snowy Saturday with a goal of capturing their love with wedding photos taken around the Lower East Side. 

She will forever adore the couples whose relationships have started and grown right here, in the city, who want the different chapters of their life together to all of their engagement and wedding photos. Even years later, couples turn the pages of their wedding album, reciting specific memories, leaving out no twists about the exciting and spontaneous moments they shared as a new couple in such a historic city. 

There is glistening importance that lingers over any couple’s wedding day, and rightly so. An NYC Wedding Photographer has the most personalization with experience and guidance. Most people have spent years thinking about what their wedding will look and feel like when they eventually find their person and get engaged. When a couple gets deeper into their relationship journey, oftentimes, even before they get engaged, they have those sweeping and fleeting conversations about what their wedding could even look like if they did one day tie the knot. Details are exchanged, likes and dislikes are laughed about, and potential venues and locations are thought through. 

As the relationship continues to grow and the “will you marry me” question is asked, the conversation takes the center stage. Here’s where the couple starts to come together with what they want their wedding to look like, based on years of daydreaming, taking notes at other weddings, and of course seeking to pull in personalization that represents the milestones and memories that are a huge part of the couple’s extraordinary story. During these conversations comes the key and pivotal moment when the couple realizes to pull off these wedding plans, they need a cast of characters beside them. They need the right team of vendors who they can trust as if they’ve been friends for years. 

That’s where Susan Shek proudly come in. As someone who has adored weddings all her life, and recently married, being there for a couple as their NYC wedding photographer, means taking on a role She never takes for granted. Sure, getting married in the big city of New York comes with big ideas and even bigger dreams. It takes the right crew of people to make that happen and Susan is grateful to all the couples, who over the last 16 years, have trusted her to take on one of those very important roles. It’s being the person who helps tell a couple’s love story that makes Susan proud of the job She does, day after day, year after year, in a city like New York, the big apple, Manhattan!

It is overwhelmingly exciting to have that first phone conversation with an NYC wedding photographer. Oftentimes, the initial chat Susan Shek has with couples is one of the first conversations they’ve ever had with a wedding vendor, so we talk more than just about wedding photography. We talk about planning, essential tips to keep in their back pocket, how to curate and find the best wedding vendors for their team, and overall timelines to help make their wedding adventure stress-free. 

The very first conversation we have together is one of many we’ll engage in before the big day. Whether it’s over a hot coffee at your favorite local spot or over video chat, the time is yours to share your ideas and visions. I’m there to listen and learn how you want to remember your day, brainstorming a game plan to make this all come to life. That’s exactly when I get started creating a personalized, detailed, and joy-filled plan for how we’ll preserve those moments.

With a job like this one, I’ve heard it all. No request is too out of the box and I always encourage my clients to share everything they have in mind. You know what they say about New York City: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. While they aren’t referring to wedding photography, I embody that statement to the fullest extent when working with clients. No matter what your grand vision is, whether you have a book of examples or just a couple of words written down on paper, we can make it happen here in New York City. 

Along with your vision, we take the time to discuss what else you need when it comes to your wedding planning. I’m always happy to recommend trusted partners that can help make your wedding come to life. Each person I propose is someone I’ve worked with for years and truly admire their work and professionalism. 

When your wedding day arrives, our team of Wedding Photographers and I will be there to observe you as you live out the day, interacting with guests and each other. As your impromptu director, you can count on me to guide you into picture perfect moments when needed and capture all the little moments that you want to remember in a big way when the wedding day comes to an end. 

There’s no better feeling than hearing from couples years later, who reach out with stories and memories from their wedding day that they may have forgotten about if not for photography that truly captured the joy, emotion, and energy of the people inside of it. When your wedding day ends, there are very few souvenirs you take with you afterward. Your wedding pictures are truly the keepsake items that guide you through the moments of that day and become the special treasure that you share with your friends and family for an endless amount of time. 

New York City as a Backdrop

As one of the top NYC Wedding Photographers, I’m tasked with not only understanding the deep-rooted and cultural importance of this grand city but also with being able to share those delicate and rich stories with couples who use this city as the backdrop for their wedding photos. It takes a seasoned professional, like myself, to truly have an ongoing understanding and perspective on how the architecture, skyline, aesthetic, and vibrancy of colors that pop out at you with every new block can integrate and weave themselves into your wedding photography. 

A powerful wedding image is made up not only of the people standing there, hearts pulsing with love, but also with what is around them at the moment the photo is taken. Wedding photography in New York is essential to help create memories that last a lifetime. It’s important to capture your story and the story of all of those involved so that you can look back at this wonderful time you were married and relive those beautiful moments over and over again. Wedding photography in New York is more than just a photo shoot; it is something that will help you to discover what it was like for all of those involved on your wedding day. The best wedding photographers in new york city – Best wedding photographers in New York City are easy to find, but only if you know where to look. You want to choose a photographer who will capture all of the emotion, beauty and magic of your big day so that years from now you will be able to relive it again!

I pride myself not only on having immense knowledge about the traditions and landmarks that are well known throughout New York City but also about the side streets, hidden treasure spots, and breathtaking backdrops that make for the most incredible wedding photos inside of New York City. 

Pairing this Rolodex knowledge and scenery with my couple’s personal style, wedding vibe, and dream vision, is the type of challenge I embrace. It makes every single wedding I capture as a photographer feel brand new and one of a kind.

The iconic and Timeless NYC Locations

What makes New York City truly a unique place to serve as the backdrop for your wedding photos is the variety of options, locations, landmarks, and timeless spots that scatter themselves all throughout the island of New York City. From parks like Central Park, Madison Square Park, and Washington Square, high up in the sky views like the top of the Empire State Building, or even the city streets, filled with historic restaurants, colorful walls, famous storefronts, and even the streets themselves that were featured in songs, movies, television shows, and some of the most favorited books and literature over the years. 

When you get married in New York City, and take your wedding or even engagement photos , the options are endless. For a lot of couples, that means picking and choosing between so many iconic and timeless New York City locations that fit in with exactly what they had in mind. 

How much do wedding photographers cost?

A good wedding photographer will capture all the details of your wedding day and help you create beautiful memories for a lifetime. For a truly exceptional experience, hire a NYC wedding photographer who understands the importance of tradition while using his or her visionary eye to capture the spirit of the moment.

It means there is never a lack of places, and with me as your expert of all things New York City, I make sure that no spot is missed, and that your photos truly represent what you had in mind when you picked New York City.

As you browse through the selection of wedding photographers I have on my website portfolio, start picturing yourself in these locations. Each one is filled with different spots, angles, views, and locations that can shape your vision and make you feel like it’s a perfect choice. Add in the colorful and dynamic seasons that flow through New York City and you can guarantee that taking your wedding photos here will be beautiful, no matter what the time of the year is. 

The Delicious and Memorable Props 

Along with the iconic, historic, and timeless backdrops that follow every street of New York City are also delicious and memorable props along the way. Your wedding photos should feel more than just a scheduled photoshoot. They should feel like a day in your life that not only are you getting married but also you are enjoying yourself within the streets of New York City. This is why I always advise and speak with my clients about incorporating props and delicious items into their wedding photos. As an NYC Wedding Photographer, I can give you the best advice if you need it.

If you and your fiancé have a love of a certain kind of food that makes its way to New York City, a city where every kind of food exists, why not put that into your wedding photos. I have couples who adore pizza, love a certain steakhouse, went to a place for their first date that now they want to reenact for their wedding photos, and we make sure that happens. 

Color and environment

New York City is known for its iconic colorful joys like yellow taxi cabs. Having that in one of your photos is something that you will forever look back at and simply adore. With the help of the yellow taxi cabs, monochrome skylines, the reflective water, as well as the maple trees of Central Park Incorporating all of these existing props into your photos makes the life within the photo pop even more. As your wedding photographer, I make sure that we add in all of these details that you dream of having. I make sure that you truly get the best of New York City within every photo.

The Beauty of Being New York City Wedding Photographers

capturing the joyful day of a couple bringing their lives together and tying the knot has always been something I loved dearly. I always knew that I want to be the best NYC wedding photographer in the greatest city in the world. I am known for captivating couples with my skills behind the camera and connecting with them.

When I started out as a photographer, I began photographing something that’s also a major passion of mine – music. I photographed some of the biggest and most famous names in the music industry in the early 2000s. It was the perfect learning experience to make me an even better wedding photographer. It taught me the importance of capturing a moment even when the lighting or weather. There’s no such thing as a perfect environment but there is such a thing as a perfect moment. I became an expert at being able to capture images in dark environments, in unexpected weather, or in low-light situations. 

Living in the moment

While New York City is always beautiful, the environment can be unpredictable. A warm day can easily change and the setting sun in the winter can be fleeting. This experience means that I’m able to show up on any day, whether it’s a bright summer day, a rainy spring afternoon, or a snow-filled winter and take incredible photos. 

I am always ready to capture your wedding and fully prepared to present you with the most professional looking photos that are in focus. While you can plan your wedding to perfection, you can’t predict how the weather will be.

The People You Love in the City You Adore 

The best part of a New York City wedding is surrounding yourselves with the people you adore. With a backdrop that’s quite iconic, and a party that will forever go down as memorable in the city that never sleeps.

You can rest assured knowing that my great love and knowledge of photography paired with your love story will come to life. Consider your friends and family, too. Just like you they light up inside these photos. Working together means bringing to life what you always imagined, with a wedding photographer who is passionate about details. A photographer with an understanding of all types of visions, and enthralled with unique perspectives and people.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 16 years in a city that delights in romance, history, and endless adventures. Let’s work together to make sure your New York City wedding photos are timeless treasures for a lifetime and beyond.

At Susan Shek Photography, we’re committed to making your wedding photography dreams come true. We have the top wedding photographers in our studio. Our photographers put their heart and soul into making your wedding day perfect and everything you ever imagined.

Learn more on my about page and don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the best NYC wedding photographers in the area.

Wedding photography is such a crucial component of your wedding day. Without photography, how will your memories be captured and remembered? Great wedding photography is able to freeze moments you could have easily forgotten or even missed. When you look back at your wedding photos, you will see all the fun that was had, the candid moments of you with your love, and your guests enjoying themselves.

As one of the top NYC wedding photographers Susan Shek is experienced with most of the venues throughout NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and New Jersey, and Connecticut. There is no place too far for her to photograph your wedding. Wedding photography is something she is extremely passionate about and the locations are more experienced as every wedding has a photographer, but not every wedding as a planner.

Those emotions you get from looking back at your wedding photography will remind you of the happiness for a lifetime. You can take photos and create a physical wedding album. Holding a tangible product in your hands with the journey of such a momentous day will bring you those feelings and emotions. Great NYC wedding photographers will capture every frame of your special day. Wedding photography it’s such an important investment.  Prioritize wedding photography over such things as a venue and other items you assumed were more important. There are no do-overs in wedding photography and choosing a photographer that you have a connection with who spends the whole day photographing your day. Depending on the wedding photographer, you might even get photos back you never knew could be captured. A great NYC wedding photographer will know all the best locations, lighting, and angles to photograph your best. 

As a wedding photographer who was born and raised in New York City, Susan Shek is experienced with photography at most of the venues throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and New Jersey, and Connecticut. There is no place too far for her to photograph your wedding. Wedding photography is something she is extremely passionate about and the locations are more experienced as every wedding has a photographer, but not every wedding as a planner, etc. 

Those emotions you get from looking back at your wedding photography will remind you of the happiness for a lifetime. You can take photos and create a physical wedding album. Holding a tangible product in your hands with the journey of such a momentous day will bring you those feelings and emotions. In other words, a great NYC wedding photographer will capture every frame of your special day. Wedding photography it’s such an important investment. 

Prioritize wedding photography over such things as a venue and other items you assumed were more important. There are no do-overs in photography and choosing the one that you have a connection with who spends the whole day photographing your day is much more important than a venue. Depending on the wedding photographer, you might even get photos back you never knew could be captured. A great wedding photographer will know all the right lighting and angles to photograph.