Photos That Illustrate The Best Day Of Your Life


Most of them expected, some of them unexpected, and all of them extraordinary.
You’ll want to relive those moments forever, even if you don’t realize that now.
And with my direction, you’ll be able to.



My photography can uniquely transport you back to those cherished moments. Couples often tell me how my images stand out above the rest, and encapsulate the essence of their story. With my keen eye for detail and artistry, I strive to create photos that evoke powerful emotions and create lasting memories.

​​​​​​​For more than a decade, I’ve expertly photographed moments as they unfolded. And I’ve given my all to ensure my couples have an unparalleled experience.

The perfect moment can happen at any time. I have a good eye for lighting and know how to compose the right shot. That is precisely what makes an experienced wedding photographer like me irreplaceable.

Photos that you can look back on and remember precisely how those moments took place.


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The memory recall is strong with the choices Susan makes in editing. [Her] storytelling is profound and, dare I say – transcendental. I attribute her ability to connect with the heart of a couple and event, which aids in her seamless translation of the nuances she captures.” – Alina.


We’ll begin with conversation and connection. You’ll share your wedding ideas. I’ll listen and learn how you want to remember your day. And I’ll begin creating a detailed plan for how we’ll preserve those moments.


We’ll discuss your vision for the day, and I’ll recommend trusted partners who can elevate and bring it to life. Then, I’ll begin visually designing the day structured around your personalities and surroundings.


I’ll observe your wedding day as you interact with each other and your guests. And like a movie director, I’ll guide you into picture-perfect moments when needed without distraction.



“Susan caught our attention because of [her] unique photos – capturing each couple in a way that told their own story. So many other photographers had their ‘style,’ which made sense but took away from the unique qualities of the couple.”
– Leah




Introducing Susan Shek Photography, the epitome of excellence in NYC wedding photography. With a passion for storytelling and an unparalleled artistic vision, Susan Shek has earned her place as the top choice for couples seeking unforgettable wedding moments. Her impeccable attention to detail, combined with years of experience, allows her to capture the essence of each couple’s love story in an authentic and timeless way. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, Susan Shek’s ability to effortlessly blend into the background while capturing the most heartfelt and candid moments is genuinely remarkable. With a portfolio filled with breathtaking images that speak volumes, Susan Shek Photography guarantees a wedding photography experience that exceeds expectations. Entrust your special day to the expertise of Susan Shek, and let her transform your cherished memories into a visual masterpiece that will be treasured for a lifetime.

As an NYC wedding photographer for almost two decades, Susan Shek prides herself on the ability to truly build a deep-rooted and authentic connection with her couples and infuse her passion for finding unique ways to preserve the most important moments, emotions, and experiences of a particular day. There’s a certain charm about the backdrop of New York City that brings any love story to life in the most eye-catching, memorable, and breathtaking way.  

Embracing the vibrant essence of New York City, Susan Shek curates an iconic wedding photography journey that is simple, unique, and timeless for each couple she collaborates with. With a deep understanding that love is the ultimate gift, she skillfully captures the myriad expressions on a couple’s wedding day. From the city’s eclectic mix of cultures to its captivating charms, Susan’s photography reflects the essence of your special day, creating an everlasting visual narrative that beautifully preserves your love story.

It’s easy to view New York City’s history and promise of constant adventure as a romantic setting. Couples from all over the world (from the UK, Italy, and Australia) and even from all over the United States

At Susan Shek Photography, there’s always a thrill in asking more about why. What makes a couple decide to tie the knot in a place like New York City is where Susan and her photographer begin the draft of this couple’s love story. It’s the why that drives their journey toward walking down the aisle. It’s why Susan and her team explore countless neighborhoods, landmarks, scenery, and even seasonal specialties that all come together for the most incredible NYC wedding photographer experience.

One of the best parts of being an NYC wedding photographer is pairing her love for the ins and outs of the big city with the ideas, dreams, and visions a couple has for their wedding photos.

Glistening importance lingers over any couple’s wedding day, and rightly so. NYC Wedding Photographers has the most personalization with experience and guidance.

Having that first phone conversation with NYC wedding photographers is overwhelmingly exciting. Susan Shek’s initial chat with couples is often one of the first conversations they’ve ever had with a wedding vendor, so we talk more than just about wedding photography. We talk about planning, essential tips to keep in their back pocket, how to curate and find the best wedding vendors for their team, and overall timelines to help make their wedding adventure stress-free. 

Along with your vision, we take the time to discuss everything regarding your wedding planning. We always recommend trusted partners to help make your wedding come to life.

When your wedding day arrives, our NYC Wedding Photographers and I will observe you as you live out the day, interacting with guests and each other. As your impromptu director, you can count on me to guide you into picture-perfect moments when needed and capture all the little moments you want to remember in a big way when the wedding day ends. 

Recognized as one of the top NYC Wedding Photographers, my role extends beyond capturing stunning images. It’s my responsibility to grasp the profound cultural significance of this magnificent city and truly and skillfully convey those intricate narratives. With each couple who chooses this vibrant backdrop for their wedding photos, I embark on a journey to share the essence and richness of their love story intertwined with the city’s grandeur. Together, we create a visual tapestry that encapsulates the spirit of this metropolis, preserving cherished memories for a lifetime. It takes a seasoned professional like myself to understand how the architecture, skyline, aesthetic, and vibrancy of colors that pop out at you with every new block can integrate and weave into your wedding photography. 

I pride myself on having immense knowledge not only about the traditions and landmarks well known throughout New York City but also about the side streets, hidden treasure spots, and breathtaking backdrops that make for the most incredible wedding photos inside the city. 

New York City presents an unparalleled canvas for your wedding photos, boasting a rich tapestry of options, locations, and timeless spots throughout the island. From the serene beauty of Central Park, Madison Square Park, and Washington Square Park to the breathtaking cityscapes atop the Empire State Building, every frame captures the essence of the city’s iconic landmarks. The bustling streets offer a captivating blend of historic restaurants, vibrant murals, renowned storefronts, and even the roads immortalized in songs, movies, television shows, and beloved literature. Immerse yourself in the essence of NYC as we curate a wedding photography experience that captures the soul of this extraordinary city.

The options are endless when you marry in New York City and take your wedding or engagement photos. For many couples, that means picking and choosing between iconic and timeless New York City locations that fit precisely.

How much do wedding photographers cost?

A good wedding photographer will capture your wedding day’s details and help you create beautiful memories for a lifetime. For a truly exceptional experience, NYC wedding photographers understand the importance of tradition while using their visionary eyes to capture the spirit of the moment.

As you browse the selection of NYC wedding photographers on my website portfolio, start picturing yourself in these locations. Add in the colorful and dynamic seasons that flow through New York City, and you can guarantee that taking your wedding photos here will be beautiful, no matter the time of the year. 

The Beauty of Being New York City Wedding Photographers

I always knew I wanted to be the best NYC wedding photographer in the most incredible city in the world.

When I started as a photographer, I began photographing something that’s also a primary passion of mine – music. I photographed some of the music industry’s biggest and most famous names in the early 2000s. It was the perfect learning experience that made me a better wedding photographer. It taught me the importance of capturing a moment even when the lighting or weather. There’s no such thing as a perfect environment, but there is such a thing as an ideal moment. I became an expert at capturing images in dark environments, unexpected weather, or low-light situations. 

The best part of a New York City wedding is surrounding yourself with the people you adore. With a backdrop that’s quite iconic and a party that will forever go down as memorable in the city that never sleeps.

You can rest assured knowing that my great love and knowledge of photography, paired with your love story, will bring your love story to life. Consider your friends and family, too. Just like you, they light up inside these photos. Working together means bringing to life what you always imagined with a wedding photographer who is passionate about details.

Learn more on my About page, and don’t hesitate to contact one of the best NYC wedding photographers in the area.

As one of the top NYC wedding photographers, Susan Shek excels in capturing unforgettable moments across the city’s diverse venues. From Manhattan to Brooklyn and beyond, Susan’s expertise spans the vibrant streets and picturesque landscapes of Westchester, Upstate New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Trust Susan Shek to skillfully immortalize your special day with her artistic eye and deep understanding of these remarkable locations. Let her curate a wedding photography experience that beautifully reflects the unique charm and allure of your chosen NYC setting.

Susan Shek Photography has a passion for storytelling and an eye for detail, creating stunning, timeless images that beautifully narrate your love story. By choosing an experienced NYC wedding photographer, you may even discover hidden moments and unique perspectives captured in your photos. Trust their expertise to guide you to the best locations, lighting, and angles to highlight your beauty and love.