How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress

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How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Getting married is an experience that you will never forget! After saying your “I dos” and partying the night away you will want to have those memories saved forever. If you want to make sure your wedding dress lasts a lifetime, check out these tips below.

Always Keep It In A Garment Bag

One golden rule when it comes to handling your wedding dress is that you should be keeping it in a garment bag to preserve your wedding dress. The bag prevents the dress from harmful substances like mildew and mold. Many new garment bags even work to emit any fumes that your new dress may let off, which could lead to premature yellowing.

Lay It Down When Possible

Keeping your dress in a garment bag is half of the struggle. The other part is keeping your dress from stretching or sagging. To avoid these instances, you’ll want to lay your garment bag down as much as possible. Moreover, if you have a spare bed, keep it there. If you have to keep your garment bag in a closet, make sure you hang your dress appropriately. Lastly, you should be using the loops located inside of the dress and never the actual shoulder strap of your dress if it has any.

Don’t Ever Try Self-Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning up stains or removing some stuck-on dirt, let it up to the professionals. In addition, they know what types of cleaning products work best with the specific material of your dress. You don’t want to end up destroying the material of your dress because you didn’t know what the right cleaning product was. Instead, just leave all the cleaning of your dress up to the professionals.

What Can Wedding Dress Preservation Do For You?

When it comes to keeping your dress in tip-top shape forever, dress preservation is the answer. Firstly, this unique process keeps your dress from yellowing, mold, mildew, oxidation spots, light, dust, and permanent creasing. Finally, when you invest a large sum of money in a wedding dress, you want to make sure that it will last.

Dress preservation is something that most stores that sell wedding dresses will offer you. These preservationists will work to remove any stains or stuck-on debris on your dress, repair it, press it, and preserve it. There are three main methods of preservation. These include sealing, boxing, and bagging.


The first method for preserving your dress is going to be one of the least expensive options. It involves using a vacuum seal to store your wedding dress. It’s important to note that this style of preservation prevents you from regular inspection of your gown and can create permanent creases. This method is best for those who are just looking to have a relic from their wedding day. This method is not ideal for those who want to wear their dress in the future.

Boxing to preserve your dress

With this preservation method, your wedding dress will be folded and placed within an acid-free box. Meanwhile, this box helps to eliminate issues like mildew, mold, and yellowing of the material. When boxing up your dress, the preservationist will use a white acid-free tissue to protect your dress from permanent creasing. This method allows your dress the ability to breathe and, you’ll be able to remove it for regular inspections.


The last method we’re going to talk about is bagging. This is what most museums use to preserve heirloom costumes from the past. You can have your dress hanging or folded for the bagging method. Your wedding gown will be reinforced with some twill tape, if you opt for hanging, to prevent any long-term damage. The gown will be placed within a cotton bag on a padded hanger for safekeeping.

Preserving your wedding dress may be something that you want to consider. It’s a great way to take care of your large investment for your dress and ensure you keep it as a relic for future generations. Most professional wedding dress preservation costs anywhere between $150 and $500. The price will highly depend on the preservation method you use, the professional performing the preservation, and the size of your dress.

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