Why you need to create a photo album after your wedding day

After your wedding, you’ve now settled into thinking about turning your happiest memories into something tangible. The memories will live on forever through the beautiful photos captured by your wedding photographer.  You’ll have an abundance of fully edited photos in your possession that document your special day.  Your next step will most likely involve organizing and preserving the photos for generations to come.

A Professionally Crafted Wedding Album is the answer.

We at Susan Shek Photography are here to help you professionally craft, design, organize and print the perfect Wedding Album that is filled with the best of the best photos from your once in a lifetime day. We work with our clients in a team effort, to choose the perfect photos for the Wedding Album.  My team goes above and beyond to organize your photos into the perfect layout, once you choose your favorite pictures.

When we design the layout for your Wedding Album, we are telling a chronological story.  This story will project your entire day into its own fairy tale. The album will sit in your living room for years to come so that guests can relive your memorable day. It will tell not only the story of how you and your special loved one started your lives together, but it will manifest every important decision that you made throughout your entire relationship. 

Don’t forget to document the whole journey, beginning with the engagement. Here are my favorite spots in NYC for engagement sessions.

Are you having any hesitation in deciding whether a Wedding Album is right for you?

If there is one thing you should prioritize in your Wedding to-do list, it should be creating and ordering a professionally crafted album. While you will be able to post your pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media outlets; there is no better feeling than knowing your favorite photos are secure in a physical and hard copy form that you have full control over.

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