10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Congrats on your engagement and your upcoming wedding! One crucial component to wedding planning is ensuring that you have all the answers to these 10 questions which you must ask your NYC Wedding Photographer. In order to avoid any last-minute anguish or stress, here’s a cheat sheet of questions you should ask your NYC wedding photographer before you book them!

1) What is your style?

You should definitely do your research before you book your photographer. If you want a certain type of aesthetic, make sure you scour the internet and wedding websites to see which photographer meets your vision. Our aesthetic represents modern and classic photojournalism.

If you want to have photos that will still look beautiful and timeless, I’m your girl. It’s important to keep that in mind when you’re looking for a photographer. Trends with faux film emulation and moody photos come and go, but keeping photos looking natural with the right tones will always be in style. True to color, true to love!

2) How many weddings have you photographed?

I’ve photographed weddings for over 16 years, which has allowed me to capture over 1000+ weddings of all sizes. It’s my full-time job and I am immensely devoted to this. Capturing weddings and love is my biggest passion and it showcases in my work. You want to hire someone who has the experience and knowledge of shooting weddings because that way, they’ll always capture the images – without you having to worry about getting the “right shots”.

3) Do you have insurance to cover my wedding?

This is a vital question to add to your “10 Questions” list.  I have full coverage insurance that covers the venue liability, our lighting, our equipment, our videography, and our photo booths too!

4) What type of photo equipment do you and your team use?

My team prides itself on using the best of the best. Full frame cameras are CRUCIAL for weddings. We use Sony and Canon Mark IV camera bodies with all native lenses.  By using these, we want you to have the best quality images that are super sharp without grainy low light blur. I am also a Sony Alpha Pro so we have access to all the latest gear and technology and continuing education on the latest techniques.

5) What type of clothing will you be wearing to my wedding?

It’s important that the wedding photographer is dressed for the occasion and not as a guest. Thus, my team and I will come well-groomed, wearing all-black head-to-toe. We will also wear black-tie formal. We do not want to be a distraction to your wedding, and we always want to blend in while looking professional and polished.

6) How long will it take for you and your team to edit and upload all the photos?

I always say less than 4 weeks with some sneak peeks beforehand.

7) What happens if your photographer gets sick or ill?

I will always have a backup photographer as I have a lot of colleagues and associates in the NYC Wedding Photography world.  Everyone we work with is equally amazing whom we can always count on for help. Also, I have personally trained a couple of my partners so they know exactly what to do as the main shooter.

8) What is your deposit policy?

This is a very important question to add to your “10 Questions” list.  50% is due when the contract is signed, and the remaining balance is due 30 days before the wedding day.

9) What if I need to cancel or the wedding is called off?

The retainer can be used as a credit for up to a year from your original date to be used for any other kind of photo session.

10) Who are your references?

Lastly, make sure you ask your photographer for references or check for their verified testimonials. Once again, your big day is important and you have a lot of important people to see, with a lot of activities to do. Let the wedding photographer be your biggest support system, documenting all of those beautiful moments. Having a wedding photographer who can capture those detailed moments is someone worth booking.

There are many photographers out there now, so you want to make sure to choose someone who has personality.  This person should be a seasoned photographer because your wedding is a once in a lifetime event.  There is no room for mistakes, nor room for trial and error.

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