Destination Weddings

Get your passports ready and start dreaming about an exotic location for your Destination Weddings Photographer.  These Destination Wedding Photos will make you want to fly across the world today.  I am guilty of seeing a beautiful photo from an exotic or far away location, and immediately calling my fiancé up to see if we can book a trip there ASAP (most of the time he says no, but I’m usually good at convincing him at some point hehe)


There is nothing more unique, adventurous, and romantic than embarking on a Destination Wedding.  Besides the rich aesthetic that will make up the background and composition of your Destination Wedding Photography, you will be able to say for the rest of your life that you got married in “FILL IN THE BLANK”.  Whether you venture off to romantic locations such as Italy or Paris, or exotic locations such as Bali or Hawaii…I can be there to capture your once-in-a-lifetime emotions so that you can look back on these photos for years to come.

I have had the great pleasure of being able to travel the world (literally 42 countries); meanwhile, I still have the strong desire to embark on new adventures.  Some of us are meant to travel, while some are meant to stay close to home.  I love mixing both elements into my daily life.  I have spent nearly my whole life in New York City; however, I travel for both business and pleasure as much as possible.


As a Destination Wedding Photographer, I know how important it is to preserve every special moment that you and your significant other will share.  In many instances, your resort or Destination Wedding Venue will try to convince you to hire one of their photographers.  Let me warn you now…DO NOT HIRE A LOCAL!  While some on-premise photographers might have experience shooting destination weddings, I have heard horror stories about these photographers.  Some of the photographers as inexperienced, while others are just plain out unreliable.  Your wedding will be one of the most important days of you and your significant other’s lives…so hire a Destination Wedding Photographer who has experience and an extensive portfolio of work.


When it comes to Destination Weddings, I do more than fulfill the role as a Destination Wedding Photographer.  I help my couples with any and all travel planning necessities.  From helping with destination travel advice to booking plane tickets, to informing you on how to secure the proper marriage certificates and documentation – I can guide you through you from the engagement to the moment you land back home.