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5 Reasons to Include Your Dog in Engagement Photos

Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography

The ring is on, the champagne corks have popped, and you’re embarking on the thrilling journey of being an engaged couple! Between venue hunting and guest list wrangling, it’s easy to let the whirlwind of planning sweep you away. But amidst the excitement, remember to savor this sweet, pre-wedding chapter.

One beautiful way to celebrate your engagement and create lasting memories is with a professional engagement photo session. And to make it truly exceptional, why not invite your beloved furry friend to join the fun?

Unleashing the Pawsibilities:

Including your dog in your engagement photos isn’t just about capturing adorable pup-centric moments (though those are guaranteed to melt hearts!). It’s about:

  • Showcasing your family: Your dog is a cherished member of your pack, and your photos should reflect that. Including them tells the complete story of your love and shared life.
  • Adding personality and fun: Dogs have a knack for injecting spontaneous joy and humor into any situation. Their playful energy and genuine expressions can add a unique and heartwarming dimension to your photos.
  • Creating cherished memories: Years down the line, looking back at photos of your engagement alongside your furry companion will bring back a wave of happy nostalgia and remind you of the special bond you share as a threesome.

Ready to have some fun with your dog?

If you’re considering incorporating your dog into your engagement session, here are some bonus tips:

  • Choose a dog-friendly location and photographer with experience working with animals.
  • Ensure your pup is well-rested and exercised beforehand.
  • Bring treats and familiar toys to keep them engaged and comfortable.
  • Embrace the unexpected! Spontaneous moments with your dog often lead to the most heartwarming photos.

So, let your four-legged best friend join you on this exciting adventure. Capture the joy, love, and playful spirit of your unique bond with stunning engagement photos that will forever cherish your journey as an engaged couple, paws and all!

Why You Should Consider Engagement Photos with Your Dog

Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography

Take photos with a shared love – your pup. 

This is where it all began! Just two people in love and their sweet pup. Engagement photos should reflect who you are as a couple, and for dog lovers, you probably can’t imagine life without your dog. Your furry friend makes every adventure a little sweeter and every couch a little cuddlier. Your pup is part of the family, so go ahead and include your dog. Imagine photos filled with lots of love, snuggles, and puppy kisses. When you let your dog come along, we’ll have double the photo opportunities!

Make lasting memories together.

Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography

There’s no better way to capture authentic photos than to enjoy your session truly. Head to the park for a walk, throw a few rounds of fetch, or just sit on a blanket and get some fresh air. Dogs are a great way to get rid of camera shyness! Do your thing and have fun, and I can guarantee we’ll get more than a few priceless images you’ll adore!

Take your first professional family portrait with your dog.

Do you have professional family photos yet? Start here with your engagement session! They wouldn’t be family portraits without your four-legged family member. After your session, don’t let the images sit on your computer. Turn your family photos into wall art to warm up your walls and make your place feel like home. Engagement and family photos make adorable holiday cards your friends and family will love!

Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography

Canine friends add fun and spontaneity.

These photos say it all. You never know what funny stunt or silly face a dog will do next. I love engagement photos with your dog because there’s never a dull moment! Maybe you go in for a kiss, and your dog jumps up to join in on the love. Can it get any cuter? And I’ll be there to capture it for you.

Your dog will help you create heart-melting announcements and cards and save the dates. 

Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography

When you include your pup, you’ll add an extra dose of adorableness to your cards and save the dates. Who can say no to those puppy eyes and floppy ears? These precious save-the-dates deserve a prime spot on everyone’s refrigerator – your pup will guarantee your date will indeed be remembered!

I’d love to help you plan the perfect engagement session with your dog, including dog-friendly locations and more tips on how to get great engagement photos with your dog. Connect with me, and I’d love to help you plan your engagement photo shoot!

Susan Shek New York Wedding Photography

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