Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event Photography

Corporate event photography is more than just snapping a few pics throughout the event and calling it a day. If you have an upcoming corporate event, whether it is an exclusive office cocktail party or a large-scale charity event – it’s important to find a professional photographer who is experienced in the types of photographs to take, when to best capture them, and how to look for the best moments. A professional photographer will often have a few skilled event photographers on staff to ensure your event will be covered from top to bottom with each moment documented to the fullest!

If you are still on the fence about investing in a professional event photographer for your next event, here is a bit of info on why you should absolutely consider and carefully select a professional photographer who is experienced in event photography.

Uses for Event Photography

At corporate events, people tend to dress in their best attire and feel a little more festive than they do in the office. Plus, the guest speakers, engaging entertainment, and special venue create an air of anticipation and excitement. There’s so much to capture at a corporate event or party, and it is the perfect opportunity to photograph guests, participants, and employees while they are enjoying the festivities. 

What can you do with these photos once you have them? Here are a few suggestions (although I am sure you can come up with even more!):

  1. Organization Promotion – With everyone looking their best at your corporate event, these fun, festive, and candid photos are often some of the best to use for your organization’s promotional material. Viewers will see the smiling faces of employees who love where they work. Or, maybe they’ll see satisfied customers who love supporting your brand or mission.
  2. Social Media Presence – In today’s digital world, an online presence is everything, especially when it’s paired with high-quality images that are equally engaging and authentic. But where do you get several months’ worth of professional images to show your company in action? Your corporate event is the perfect chance to get a full collection of live-action images to use interchangeably on social media. Your followers will appreciate the “insider’s eye” instead of posed, boring photos day after day on their feed. When they see images from your event, they’ll be more likely to click and read more about what the photo – and your organization – is all about!
  3. Marketing Material – From monthly newsletters to company brochures, you can feature images from your most recent event in any of your marketing material. Some company’s resort to stock images to fill those photo spots in marketing layouts. Instead, stand out by utilizing personalized images that truly reflect the heart of your company and the people who make it so special.
  4. Highlight Your Event –You can also use the images as a reminder that happened at your event. You can’t be in ten places at one time or sit with all of your guests – but our team can! We’ll be there to make sure every part is covered so that you don’t miss a moment. Your guests will have fun reminiscing over the good times as well, so be sure to share the photos.
  5. Encourage Interest – Draw interest for the next event! When they see all the highlights from your event, they’ll want to be a part of the next one!

Types of Event Photography Images

Here are a few types of images we will take at your next corporate event:

  1. Venue Details – Lighting, décor, arrangements, ambiance, food, etc.
  2. Showcase Speaker & Entertainment – Keynote speaker, CEO, VIPs, musicians, entertainers, and more
  3. Guests – Authentic facial expressions, conversations, & guests enjoying themselves
  4. Red Carpet or Step & Repeat Entrance Shots – Posed professional shots of guests as they arrive
  5. Full Perspective & Overall Atmosphere – Birdseye or panoramic views of the entire event as it’s happening
  6. Headshots – We offer all types of headshots, for your team, or for your own business needs.


You can also refresh your Linkedin profile or company photo.

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