Blue Hill Stone Barns

Blue Hill at Stone Barns Weddings


Blue Hill at Stone Barns is nestled a little above Westchester, in a little woodsy part of town called Pocantico Hills. It is a close hike from Rockefeller Estate Park. This establishment and wedding venue happens to be on the very top of my list, as one of my 10 favorite venues to work in!


If you know who I am by now, travel and food are two of the most important factors in my life. If there’s GREAT food at a venue, you know I am about it! I crave to work there any chance I get! Blue Hill at Stone Barns is that kind of wedding venue. It happened to be my top 3 choices of locations to get married. We ended up picking 620 Loft and Garden as our wedding venue. It was closer to home and easier for my family to travel to.

Besides the food, the organic farm experience is a true delight. Interacting with the farm animals was fun! Like hugging chickens, petting the goats and the sheep, etc. Exploring the greenhouse. Learning about the history of the silo and the barns itself is magical, to say the least!


Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a world-class restaurant with a reputation for excellence for good reason. It’s an archetypal farm-to-table experience where the menu is often dictated by what fruits and vegetables are in season. Your wedding and reception should be no less considered, delicious, and artistic, which is why we provide a state-of-the-art kitchen, a gorgeous main hall with a striking vaulted ceiling with skylights to fill it with sunlight throughout the day, an event space that comfortably seats up to 200 guests indoors and can accommodate up to 300 in the garden during warmer months, and of course an outstanding catering team.

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