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Rainbow Room Weddings in New York City

If you’re looking to have a classic, quintessential New York City wedding that is filled with elegance, charm, history, and breathtaking views, look no further than the legendary Rainbow Room.

Founded in 1934, The Rainbow Room sits on the 65th floor on top of Rockefeller Center. With nearly 360-degree views of the beautiful Manhattan skyline, your guests will never grow bored of the observational aesthetic.

As an NYC Wedding Photographer, I have personally photographed an array of weddings and events at The Rainbow Room.  So, I can recommend this stunning location as the perfect NYC Wedding Venue.

Let’s start off by talking about the prestige that The Rainbow Room holds!

John D. Rockefeller opened up The Rainbow Room as an exclusive venue and nightlife scene. The most eccentric, famous, and legendary celebrities from all around the world were in attendance.  This venue has housed performances from iconic stars such as Tony Bennet and Joan Crawford. Most recently, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation had their party here too.

Politicians such as former President Jimmy Carter made appearances at the venue.  Let’s not forget the lavish Tony Awards that were held here in 1966. This venue hosts high-end parties too, such as the 30th anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera Party.

If that’s not enough, prepare to dance the night away under one of New York City’s finest crystal chandeliers.

Why we love weddings at the Rainbow Room

  • Customized Service – You can customize your catering menu to your particular taste, no matter your preferences.  On top of the amazing service offered by The Rainbow Room, they have a dedicated list of preferred vendors. My personal favorite entree at weddings is the lobster pot pie! That is a must for your wedding guests!
  • Unique Experience – Your big day calls for something extraordinary. Having your first dance under the Rainbow Room’s shimmering chandelier atop 30 Rockefeller is certainly an experience of a lifetime. Enjoying the complete panoramic views will allow you to take in the whole city.
  • Gorgeous Photos – An iconic venue lends itself to iconic photos (with the right photographer, of course.) And the windows surrounding the room allow plenty of natural light, making your photos look natural, authentic, and bright. I always enjoy the chance to shoot at the Rainbow Room because of its unique lighting.
  • Flexible Space – Believe it or not, you actually have several setups and design options at the Rainbow Room. It includes Bar SixtyFive, their Private Dining Room, and optional 620 Loft & Garden. When available, I highly recommend utilizing the garden area for photos, which provides incredible views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

To sum everything up, don’t overlook The Rainbow Room when looking for your wedding venue. 

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