How To Plan Your Marriage Proposal

The first thing to think about when you decide to propose to your significant other is…”how am I going to pop the question?” Your marriage proposal idea is the “meat” to the big question. While the “over romantic dinner” cliche used to be the typical form of marriage proposal, that won’t cut it anymore. With the presence of widespread ideas streaming between social media and YouTube, you are going to have to be unique.  There are just too many creative marriage proposal ideas out in this world, so do your best to be original.

When you’re thinking about the perfect idea, highlight the traits that make your relationship unique.  What do you two like to do for fun? What dreams do you have for your future together?  The innate details that make your relationship “the one” – that’s what you focus on when creating your marriage proposal idea.

Need more help planning? The Yes Girls can create custom Marriage Proposal ideas based on your relationship.

After you’ve got the core of the idea nailed down (aka the steps that lead to the down-on-one-knee-moment) think about who is going to be there when you propose. If your significant other is an extrovert, then it might be essential to invite family and friends to play an important role in the moment. If your S.O. is a little on the shy side, you might consider renting out a private venue so that intimacy and privacy are emphasized.

Here are some more tips on who to tell when you’re about to propose:

Timing is everything for your marriage proposal. If your fiancé-to-be wants to get married in the Fall, then proposing in July may not be the best timing. That means you will either throw a wedding together in two months, or you will stay engaged for much longer.

Another timing factor to ponder is weekday verse weekend proposals. If you’re trying to save a little bit on the proposal event costs, popping the question Monday through Thursday is always an amazing option. Venues, photographers, and even florists may give weekday discounts!

One last timing-related thought to consider would be the idea of traveling. If you’re going on an awesome trip, do not plan to propose on the first day of the trip. Traveling (flying, driving, train riding) is exhausting and no one feels pretty after a long day of it! Give yourself and your significant other, at least one night to rest on the trip before popping the question. Plus, if your flight is delayed or baggage is lost, you won’t have a huge panic attack!

So how and when you’re going to propose has been handled, now how are you going to get your significant other to the proposal location without them getting suspicious?

The proposal ruse can as simple as “Hey I found a Groupon for this cool wine bar.  We should check it out.”  You could even have a friend suggest that you all go on a double date.  Then, when you are on the way to the date you can “get a text” saying that the other couple has to back out last minute.  Once that happens, you “might as well” still continue the date since you’re already on the way! Really the ruse is just a chance for you to get creative and think about what he/she would believe the most!

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The day of the proposal, take some time for yourself. That can be as simple as a long, hot shower to relax your mind, or a paid-time-off day from work.  This will allow to feel cool, calm and collected that evening. Pick out your outfit so that you can iron it with plenty of time and nothing feels rushed! On that note, your outfit should put your best foot forward. Note the emphasis on “your!” If it’s completely abnormal for you to wear a suit and tie, then don’t. This isn’t about putting on a façade…this is you asking your favorite person in the world to spend the rest of your lives together. So wear what reflects the best pieces of your personality.

Whether you need help with coming up with the proposal idea, or you have thought about the perfect idea on how to propose, but just need help with executing it – a professional proposal planner is going to be your greatest tool in this process.

If the musician is stuck in traffic, or (god-forbid) it’s raining on the morning of your proposal, you do not want to be scrambling to think of a Plan B while also trying to play it cool in front of your fiancé-to-be! The Yes Girls Events is the first marriage proposal planning company in the world and we are the experts on all things romance! We have planned thousands of proposals and can help to keep your calm during the whole process. A professional planner will guide you through step-by-step through the whole process.

Plus, we can get discounts on vendors that wouldn’t be available to proposers without us! So it’s really a win-win!

After all you’ve put into this proposal, I promise you want the moment captured! Even if it’s a simple proposal at home, it still is a memory that your significant other will want to live over and over and over again. We always recommend hiring a professional photographer to ensure that your moment will be remembered with the best lighting, positioning, and composition.  Susan Shek Photography is our go-to-gal in New York for proposal photography. She is reliable, talented, and our clients are constantly raving about working with her!

How To Plan Your Marriage Proposal - The Yes Girls - Susan Shek Photography

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