Love what you’re seeing but have a few questions. We have answers. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions below. Our dedicated team is here for you throughout the entire journey from proposal to send-off – let us know how we can help!


Q: Why should we choose you for our wedding day?
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want someone who feels like family to carry out your vision. I would love to be that person. As a detail-oriented, experienced photographer, I promise to listen to your wishes and bring them to life through personalized wedding photography. You’ll receive a balance of magazine-worthy portraits and photojournalistic candids reflecting every detail of your wedding day. 

Q: What if I don’t want to spend my wedding day posing for photos?

A: You shouldn’t have to – I want you to relish every moment of the day! I will provide helpful guidance and direction when appropriate. But for the most part, I just want you to do your thing! I will discreetly evaluate lighting, angles, and timing to give you great images without interference.

Q: Do you have experience photographing diverse, cultural, and/or LGBTQ+ weddings?

A: We provide the best for ALL couples. We are allies of the LGBTQ+ community and families of diverse backgrounds. We are here to capture and celebrate unique love stories in all their forms, regardless of sex, race, age, or religion.



Q: What are our options if we can’t meet at the studio due to our busy schedules?

A: Don’t you wish life could slow down for wedding planning? Not to worry! I am happy to accommodate your busy work schedules with remote Zoom, Facetime, or phone meetings. I’ll make sure you have the opportunity to discuss availability, questions, and details.

Q: How do we book?

A: Fill out our Inquiry Form, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (usually less) with collection and pricing details. From there, a deposit will secure your date, and we’ll schedule an in-person or remote meeting to plan it all out. For busy couples or non-New Yorkers, you can complete the whole process online if you’d like.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: As one of the fastest photographers in the industry, we guarantee your photo gallery in 4 weeks or less. (Depending on production schedules, you may have your photos sooner). Plus, we love to surprise you with a few sneak peeks during preparation.

Q: Do you have liability insurance for our wedding?

A: Yes, we have full-coverage insurance for our photography, videography, and photo booth.  We will provide documentation to your venue about one month before your wedding day.

Q: What is the production time for the album(s)?

A: Production times vary, but you’ll typically receive your heirloom-quality albums within 4-6 weeks from the time you select your images. You’ll have two layout change approvals before it goes to print. 

Q: How many photos can we include in an album?

A: We recommend selecting 40-50 photos. Once selected, we curate albums chronologically on elegant quarter-inch-thick pages.

Q: Do you keep backups of our images?

A: Yes, we keep a backup of your photos on external drives and an online cloud-based storage site for double protection. We will host photos in the online gallery for up to one year.


Q: What if the venue lighting is less than ideal?

A: No problem! Lighting is one of our specialties. We use natural light when available, but we’ve successfully photographed many indoor weddings and receptions with darker lighting as well. The best lighting equipment paired with our extensive lighting expertise means you won’t miss a moment for any reason. Check out our Portfolio for proof.

Q: We’re a real couple, not wedding models – can you help us feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera?

A: You’re not alone! I get this question often. As an introvert myself, I know how awkward it feels to have all eyes on you. To avoid stiff posing and forced smiles, I’ll provide fun, directive prompts to help you relax. Another way to overcome camera shyness is by doing an engagement session first. You’ll feel like a pro by the end! (I’ve also been known to make kiddos laugh and have a good time, too – even during formal family photos!) 

Q: What if it rains on my wedding day?

A: If we could shoot a wedding in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy with city-wide power outages, we can handle some rain! We’ve worked in many unexpected conditions. We’re up for the challenge – you can count on us to be there rain or shine. Plus, our extensive network of wedding partners helps us make quick changes if necessary.

Q: What happens if the photographer is sick?

A: I work with a team of excellent lead photographers who know my style and process flawlessly. They are fully capable of taking my place if I am unable to work. However, in all my years of experience, that has never happened (knock on wood).


Q: Do you offer additional services?

A: We have a full team of experienced photography, cinematography, and photo booth professionals. Our team has worked together exclusively for years, meaning everything we produce will look seamless and cohesive.

Q: Do you offer destination weddings?

A: Absolutely! We’ve photographed weddings all over the world, including but not limited to Italy, Greece, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the UK, Nantucket, and the Cayman Islands. With an all-inclusive destination wedding photography package, we’ll be there from start to finish, from rehearsal to send-off brunch!