Photo Booth

The Plaza Wedding Photo Booth

We make sure your wedding is complete with a photo booth that is sure to be a big hit.

Our Stylish, Compact, and Sleek Photo Booth can be set up in any location.

With our Photo Booth, you can easily share your photos instantly with Social Media straight from your Mobile Phone, E-Mail, and other various Social Media Platforms. It’s as easy as pushing a button, smiling for the camera and typing in your protected contact information. Our Photo Booths compliment the digital world we live in. Within seconds, you can receive your digital souvenir to your email, cell phone, or social media account.  With such ease and convenience, your guests will have more time to enjoy your event and party.

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Our Photo Booth is nothing but pure fun and excitement. You will have the ability to easily create an animated GIF, or a regular still picture. All photos can be personalized with a photo filter and stylish layout.  Want your wedding or event’s information to be part of the template and design?  No problem!  We can customize each layout so that your guests will never forget where and when they took that picture.  Oh and for those corporate events?  This is another easy stream to market your business through the social media of your guests.


Photo Booths are great to have for any type of event. It brings guests together and can act as an excuse to let one’s guard down. The more activities you have at your party, the more engaged your guests will be while galavanting around your venue. 

Not only do Photo Booths bring out the silliness of your guests, but it allows them to capture your special day on their very own. We also offer photo booths for events such as birthday parties and corporate events.