We love photographing a Tribeca Rooftop Wedding in New York City. It has the best views for an outdoor ceremony.  Also, it does have plenty of space for an indoor ceremony if you prefer it. There are so many spots to take photos surrounding the venue. Tribeca Rooftop also has a venue below the main location called Tribeca 360. Both are operated by the same company and they include all the catering, tables, chairs, and service. They have a list of vendors they work with from florists to wedding planners, photographers and videographers. 

Surrounding Tribeca Rooftop area there are also a couple hotels nearby that I would recommend for getting ready. My favorite is the James Hotel. They have an outdoor pool and rooftop where you could take some photos before your Tribeca Rooftop Wedding, or you can host your afterparty after your reception is over to keep your party going. Another hotel that is close by is the Dominick Hotel in Soho. They have incredible breathtaking views of Manhattan and the rooms are pretty spacious and modern with great light. Want your getting ready pictures to reflect the same style as Tribeca Rooftop? Those two hotels mimic the safe atmosphere as Tribeca Rooftop.  It’s the perfect place for photos when getting ready with your families, bridal party and groomsmen.

If you want to take photos before heading to your Tribeca Rooftop Wedding, I recommend Staple Street Bridge. It is very close to Tribeca Rooftop and has cobblestone streets and the iconic Staple Street Views. It’s great to bring your bridal party there too for some nice photography before heading to your wedding at Tribeca Rooftop.

When you have your wedding at Tribeca Rooftop, you know you will get the best of the best! All of your guests will be impressed!