Happy New Year! Do you have a wedding coming up in 2020? Maybe you’ve already had a head start on planning, and you are putting on the finishing touches for your wedding. Whether you’re at the end of the planning process or just starting out, I want to share a few of my favorite wedding trends popping up this year to give you an extra boost of inspiration.

Even you have a more traditional style and don’t consider yourself a trend follower, don’t leave just yet! There are several classics on the list that you might fall in love with as well as some creative ideas for incorporating vintage décor and style. What I love most about this year’s trends is that they’re so eclectic and versatile, allowing you to play with them to fit your own unique style.

greenery as one of the top 2020 wedding trends

Top 20 Wedding Trends of 2020

  1. Sustainable Planning – This is one of my favorite wedding trends! This year, couples are getting more creative in an effort to go green and support local vendors. For instance, some couples are opting to use heirlooms stones passed down in their families for engagement and wedding rings. Others are opting for florists who grow their own flowers locally and repurpose the ceremony flowers afterward. You can also look for caterers and vendors who prioritize “going green” and incorporate sustainable practices.
  2. Destination Engagement Sessions – Plan a romantic getaway trip to the mountains, ocean, or cabin in the woods, and book an engagement photo session at the same time. Imagine intimate photos of the two of you wading out into the water, on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or beneath tall pine trees. Make your engagement session an experience for extraordinary photos you’ll treasure forever.
  3. Natural Accents – Think shells, crystals, stones, driftwood, agate, and marble. Incorporate these subtle yet beautiful textures into table markers, wedding favors, and centerpieces. Plus, they pair well with almost any color and theme, and you’ll love using them to decorate your home once the wedding is over.
  4. Considerate Menus – Most likely, you’ll have guests with dietary restrictions. This year, couples are choosing menus with more options available to those who can’t have meat, nuts, gluten, or other commonly restricted foods. Those guests deserve to indulge, too!
  5. Themed Receptions – We’re not just talking about the décor here. On your invitations, give your guests a dress code for a themed party such as the Roaring 20’s, black and white, cocktail party, metallic, nautical, etc. The reception is even more fun when everyone is dressed to play the part!
  6. Blue is the New Black – All shades of blue are in, especially navy or cobalt suits for men. According to Pantone, classic blue is THE color for 2020, and we’re loving this as some of our favorite wedding trends!
  7. Charcuterie Boards – Kick your appetizers up a notch by presenting delectable meat and cheese boards. Personalize it by incorporating beautiful wood boards you can use in your own home later.
  8. Weddings for a Cause – Instead of gifts or gift cards, have guests donate to a charity you care about in your honor instead!
  9. Personalization – Your wedding should stand out as distinctly yours. Decorate with photos, add “fun facts” about the couple on cocktail napkins, serve your favorite dish or sweet treat as an appetizer, write your own vows, change up the ceremony structure, hire an officiant who is a close friend…the options are endless.
  10. Statement Veil – If you choose a long veil, have a statement, lyric, quote, or word stitched into the train.
  11. Mix & Match Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Stiff, formal bridesmaid’s dresses are fading out. Now, they’re more “wearable” and fit the personality and body shape of your best girlfriends. Use this as an opportunity to celebrate these special ladies in your life (instead of torturing them with unattractive dresses they’ll never wear again). The good news is that you’ll have more options this year since designers are catching on to this trend.
  12. Videography – This used to be optional, but videography has grown increasingly popular over the past few years. Your wedding day goes by in a blur, and video is a great way to record it in action. Luckily, we have that service available as well!
  13. Interactive Cuisine Experience – Try a donut wall, live chef creations, an ice cream sundae bar, crepe station, a carving station, coffee or mimosa bar – your guests will have fun mingling and putting together creations they enjoy. My husband and I chose Pinch Food Design for our interactive guest experience on our wedding day. It was also featured in the New York Times write up!
  14. Fashion-forward Gowns – This year, one wedding dress style does not stick out among the rest, but rather brides are choosing wedding dresses (or dress alternatives!) that fit the location, venue, and style they are going for. We’re seeing everything from floral prints and elegant ball gowns to sheer sheaths, ruffled sleeves, and sparkly short dresses! For the creative trendsetting brides, this is your year! Do what makes you happy when it comes to your wedding attire. There’s certainly plenty of unique options out there.
  15. Bold Accent Color – If you have a lot of white, ivory, or greenery, add a fun pop of color to liven things up!
  16. Professional Portrait Booth – For an elevated photo booth, take it to the next level by doing a fine art booth! Guests can take elegant and sophisticated portraits they’ll want to print.
  17. Handcrafted Cocktails – Signature drinks have always been a thing, but here’s a new take: if you enjoy a specific kind of liquor, feature it at your reception. For instance, if you love tequila, showcase your favorite Blanco, añejo, reposado, and mezcal to sip on the rocks or in margaritas.
  18. Micro Weddings & Elopements – If you have big ideas for your wedding, keep the guest count below 40 for the experience of a lifetime. With fewer people, you can savor the moment and splurge on what matters most to you. 
  19. Edible Floral Treats – Add delicate petals to ice cubes, trays, and wedding cake for a beautiful wow factor.
  20. Atmosphere Over Color Scheme – Sticking to a color scheme is less important than pulling together an overall vibe for your wedding. Think: bohemian, elegant and sophisticated, natural, whimsical, etc. Infuse your wedding with accents that fit into the general vibe you’re trying to create for your wedding day.

Want to learn more or have questions about your wedding planning? Feel free to message me for more ideas!