Susan Shek is a Highly Acclaimed and Award Winning NYC Wedding Photographer, native to New York City.

For the last thirteen years, she has dedicated herself exclusively to being an NYC Wedding Photographer full time.  Susan Shek has established a thriving and successful NYC Wedding Photography business, which has led her to photograph over five hundred unique and luxurious weddings of all types and sizes. The passion she has for photographing both weddings and true love is what drives her on a daily basis.

Susan Shek shares with her clients the desire to tell an original love story while celebrating a new union.  Not only is Susan Shek a talented photographer, she fully becomes involved in many aspects of her weddings.  She goes above and beyond in order to assist on the big day, which during past weddings has included: her talent of pinning boutonnières, finding last-minute UBER XLs when the limo doesn’t show up on time, making the bride and groom laugh, handing out tissues when the bride cries, and being involved beyond photo taking.

Susan Shek has had the privilege to shoot Weddings and Engagements all over New York City.

Some of the locations that Susan has shot include: Plaza Hotel Weddings, Gustavinos Weddings, Tribeca Rooftop Weddings, Westchester Garden Weddings, The Loeb Boathouse Weddings, Battery Gardens Weddings (both in the Spring and Summer), and Chelsea Piers Weddings.  Even though Susan has focused her career in NYC, she has traveled all around the world to document love.  She has shot weddings in Australia, Hong Kong, Greece, Hawaii, and the United Kingdom.

As a discerning observer, Susan Shek possesses an excellent eye, adept at noticing nuance and capturing key moments on camera. Her overarching approach to photography proves holistic in nature.  Susan’s images are organic, rather than staged.  Her talent comes from a unique style of storytelling which incorporates lighting, composition, and Susan’s strive to capture genuine moments.

Susan Shek’s beautiful grandmother taught Susan many valuable lessons.  Her grandmother’s involvement with charities never seized to stop.  Thus, she taught Susan the importance of always giving back while maintaining an attitude of gratitude. Watching her devote her time and energy to others has inspired Susan to do the same in her field of work.  Susan finds that her purpose in life is to help make people feel amazing and to capture that through photography.

“When I meet these couples and take part in their journey, it is something I do not take for granted. It inspires me and makes me feel humbled.” – Susan Shek

“Now I am a future bride and knowing exactly what the experience is like, planning my own wedding, so many options, but now we can relate and I can help you too!” – Susan Shek

Susan is grateful for these opportunities as an NYC Wedding Photographer.  Therefore, she always gives 10% of her profits to charity.