Looking for a place to start when it comes to Wedding Planning?


We truly empathize with the intricate organization needed for Wedding Planning, that inevitably comes after you announce your new engagement. That’s why we came up with a few must-know tips when you start planning your wedding.

Wedding Planning - Susan Shek Photography - NYC Wedding Photographer

1. Choose a wedding date that works for you and everyone:

If you have family traveling from afar, choose a date that will be comfortable for traveling without the risk of delays.  Winter weddings always pose the risk for snow delays, especially if you’re having an NYC Wedding.

Keep in mind that May and October are the busiest months for weddings because the weather is typically at it’s prime.  If you do want to have a wedding around these months, make sure you book your vendors (NYC Caterer, NYC Wedding Photographer, NYC Wedding Venue etc.) as soon as possible.  Vendors are booked more than a year or two in advance for May and October.

2. Set and Commit to Your Budget:

Committing to a budget helps ease the stress of the Wedding Planning process.  It will allow you to understand who you can hire, and what you can plan.  Thus, you will spend more wisely throughout your Wedding Planning.

Keep in mind that of course, you may go over. But, if you stay committed to the budget, you’ll be surprised at how much smoother the wedding process will be.

3. Trust Your Wedding Photographer:

Aside from receiving your dream Wedding Photos, your experienced NYC Wedding Photographer can recommend many vendor friends that can help alleviate the headaches of the Wedding Planning process.

4. Find your Wedding Dress + Snazzy Suit Tuxedo:

Before you begin looking for your dress and tux, it’s best to plan who you will ask to be in your Wedding Party (Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Best Man, Groomsmen, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer etc.)  Having this planned will allow you to visualize who will look best in what color, style, and fashion.  When you arrive at your Wedding Dress shop or Tuxedo Store, you’ll have a better sense of the perfect dress and tuxedo which will match the rest of your Wedding Party.

5. Prioritize Your Guest List:

Inviting everyone you know is one of the quickest ways to go over your budget while getting a migraine. Before you get into the decor elements of the wedding planning process, whittling down your guest list is imperative.  Prioritize the most important friends and family first.  Once that aspect is locked down, move to secondary friends and distant relatives.  These are people to whom you aren’t the closest in the world, but you’d like to have them at your wedding.  If you still find yourself within your budget, it’s always a good idea to invite close acquaintances and coworkers (especially for networking purposes.

6. Book a Trial Consultation for Your Hair and Makeup:

Trying a new hair and makeup look on your big day is an absolute no. Sure, you want to wow your future husband or wife, but you don’t want to shock them with a new look that they’ve never seen you rock. Your wedding day is the day where you want to look and feel the most confident. Before you book your makeup artist or hair stylist, do your research and see if their aesthetic aligns with your personal style.

Try coordinating your Hair and Makeup Trial with your NYC Wedding Photographer.  This could be a great day to also take your NYC Engagement Photos.

Looking for the best Wedding Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist?  We recommend Beautini by B.lo since the gals there have so much experience in this field!

7. Communicate Clearly with Your Wedding Venue:

When you book the date at your dream venue, make sure that they’re flexible with the day-of preparations.  Specifically, you want to make sure that the venue allows your design team to decorate beforehand.

Also, make sure that they don’t have any hidden fees.  This can sometimes put the breaks on your wedding planning process.

8. Don’t Forget What It’s Really About:

Your wedding day is about celebrating the love between you and your significant other, with your other loved ones.  Don’t lose sight of what’s really important!  Thus, always make sure that you’re present and in the moment.

The day will fly by!  If you focus on the minutia of the wedding day, you won’t get to have a moment to enjoy all the hard work you put into the Wedding Planning.