Reliving memories of wedding day moments through NYC Wedding Photographyare great.  While capturing these images are an important part of your Wedding Experience, there is also a range of other ways to tell the story of your wedding day and relationship.  One of my absolute favorite ways to capture love stories is through the art and aesthetic of Wedding Videography. You can tell the story in short clips, or in a cinematic video which hearing and seeing all the emotions definitely makes me tear up.

Now when I say Wedding Videography, I’m talking about a professionally shot wedding video with an acclaimed and award-winning cinematographer.  At Susan Shek Photography, we work with the most talented, professional, and creative filmmakers. These filmmakers produce original and creative stories, that reflect the true dynamic of your relationship. These videos will allow you to relive your wedding day for years to come.

We create cinematic videography with the most state of the art cameras and production equipment. All of the captured footage is pieced together through a studio-grade editing process. Finally, the perfect song that represents your relationship will complement this video.

Below is a full portfolio of our NYC Wedding Videography services:

Our Featured Videographers:

Andrii has been an associate of the Susan Shek Photography team for over a year.  As a European Filmmaker, Andrii moved to NYC to meld his European background with the New York City Culture.  With over five years of experience as a wedding videographer and professional filmmaker, Andrii has shot and produced over a hundred videos.  He is known for shooting events and weddings with one of the fastest turnaround times in the business.  Andrii values the importance of storytelling and has been inspired by Hollywood films since he was a kid.  When asked about his inspirations, Andrii says that James Cameron is his all-time favorite director.  On top of that, Good Will Hunting and Untouchables were two movies that Andrii loved when growing up.  His goal is to capture raw emotions with his camera so they can be brought onto the screen.