New York City Wedding Photography

While some might enjoy hiring a country wedding photographer for their rustic barn wedding, or even a destination wedding photographer for their summer wedding in the Caribbean, there’s something special and unique about New York City Wedding Photography.

A New York City Wedding can bring together a variety of elements that will have your wedding guests wishing their wedding was in NYC.  So why is this the case?

New York City is the definition of an urban landscape!  It incorporates history, one-of-a-kind architecture, waterfront surroundings, incredible food, diversity, the best of the best attractions and entertainment, and the ability to walk a few blocks and be in a completely new atmosphere.  All of this combined leads to original and unique New York City Wedding Photography.

The beauty of having a New York City Wedding is that you have five boroughs in which to choose.  As an NYC Wedding Photographer, I have had the pleasure of shooting in each; however, my favorite borough is Manhattan.

There are just so many incredible areas to shoot New York City Wedding Photography in Manhattan.  This includes both interior and exterior settings.  When it comes to an NYC Engagement Shoot, I love going on an adventure with my wedding couples.  This typically involves trekking through the city, looking for a variety of backdrops to shoot.


Whether you’re having a Tribeca Rooftop Wedding, or you just want to take New York City Wedding Photography within Tribeca, this is one of my favorite places as a NYC Wedding Photographer.  While most of Manhattan is busy and lively, Tribeca can be quiet and calming.  The cobblestone streets and brick walls will add a beautiful backdrop to your pictures.

The Bridges

New York City is home to over 2000 bridges and tunnels. From the Brooklyn Bridge, to the 57 St. Bridge, to the Manhattan Bridge and even the Williamsburg Bridge – there are so many bridges to choose from.  Brooklyn Bridge typically is the most popular bridge when it comes to shooting NYC Wedding Photography.  With an easy walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn on top of this historical bridge, you will be able to take in both the Manhattan and Brooklyn aesthetic.

Battery Park

Lower Manhattan provides an array of alluring backdrops for New York City Wedding Photography.
One of my favorite parts of Lower Manhattan is Battery Park and Battery Gardens. With views of the Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, and even New Jersey; it’s the best place to spend a warm Manhattan day!  There is so much greenery within the park and many places to explore.  This is one of my favorite outdoor settings to shoot as an NYC Wedding Photographer.

Central Park

If you love the outdoors and New York City, then I’m sure you have a heavy appreciation for Central Park.  This is easily the best place in all of NYC to take New York City Wedding Photography.  You could literally spend weeks in Central Park and discover something new every day.  From the Rambles to Belvedere Castle, to The Mall, to The Central Park Zoo, all the way to the multitude of ponds; you won’t run out of places to explore around central park.

One of my favorite NYC Wedding Venues within Central Park is the Loeb Boathouse.  There is nothing more peaceful than a Loeb Boathouse Wedding. With views of The Lake and Bethesda Fountain, you will be surrounded by peace and serenity when getting married.  Not only does it make for a great NYC Wedding Venue, it makes for a great place to have your NYC Engagement Shoot.

China Town/Little Italy

The beauty of China Town and Little Italy is that they are neighboring areas.  You can literally walk a couple blocks, feel like you are in mainland China, walk a couple more blocks, feel like you are in Rome, and walk a few more blocks to SoHo (the eclectic changes hub of Manhattan). Not only do the cultures changes so rapidly, but so do the backdrops and infrastructure. This means plenty of original and incredible places to shoot New York City Wedding Photography!