New Jersey has a special place in my heart!  Between the absolutely delicious food, the culture, and the incredibly stunning New Jersey Wedding Venues, there is nothing more serene than New Jersey Weddings.

So, what is so special about having a New Jersey Wedding?  As a New Jersey Photographer, I have had the pleasure to shoot at an abundance of New Jersey Wedding Venues.  The large selection of eclectic, luxurious, upscale, and modern New Jersey Wedding Venues will allow you to choose the perfect atmosphere to have your wedding.

I have had the pleasure of photographing venues in New Jersey such as: Park Savoy, Park Chateau, The Rockleigh, The Estate at Florentine Gardens, and Venetian.  I strongly recommend researching and checking out all of those locations.

Below is a list of additional venues that I have personally photographed over my thirteen years as a New Jersey Wedding Photographer (they are also some of my favorites):

The Venetian Catering and Special Events

When it comes New Jersey Wedding Venues, The Venetian is the place to get married.  Known for their world-class catering, your taste buds will be in heaven.  Their ballroom and Cinderella-esque staircase is the perfect stage for your romantic New Jersey Wedding Photography.  With large red marble pillars, your guests will feel like they are in a European castle!

New Jersey Wedding Photographers love shooting at this destination because of the unique aesthetic and pleasing atmosphere.  I haven’t met a couple yet who hasn’t been satisfied with what The Venetian has to offer.

Seasons Catering

This New Jersey Wedding Venue is one of my favorites as a New Jersey Wedding Photographer.  You can expect a classic atmosphere with elegant crystal chandeliers hanging throughout the main ballroom.  Seasons Catering is most famous for their exotic courtyard area with waterfalls and all-natural greenery.  This outdoor setting adds more value to your New Jersey Wedding Photography.

Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury

This one-of-a-kind mansion and estate is the definition of modern luxury.  The Shadowbrook Estate at Shrewsbury has been around since the early 1900s.  With a private outdoor garden filled to the brim with floral arrangements and greenery, this makes for the perfect summer wedding destination.  As a New Jersey Wedding Photographer, I love capturing both the indoor and outdoor aspects of this New Jersey Wedding Venue.

Hyatt Regency (Jersey City on the Hudson)

New Jersey Wedding Photographers and couples adore this venue because of its breathtaking views of the Hudson River.  Who wouldn’t want to get married while gazing upon the watercraft jetting down this mystical river?  Not only do you get a beautiful river view, you get a classic view of the Manhattan skyline.  Combined this with delicious food and incredible service, you’ll be left with an incredible wedding night.

The W Hoboken

If you love the idea of a waterfront New Jersey Wedding Venue, then this hotel might be the one for you.  The W is a grand and modern hotel in the heart of Hoboken, with sweeping views of Manhattan.  With an easy commute via the ferry into Manhattan, your guests will be able to explore New York City with ease.  The W is incredibly stunning when it comes to New Jersey Weddings.

Liberty House Restaurant

I guarantee you that you will not find a New Jersey Wedding Venue like the Liberty House Restaurant.  Located in Jersey City on the Hudson River, Liberty House is famous for their incredibly massive outdoor courtyard and garden that overlooks all of Manhattan.  Their restaurant has some of the best food in all of Jersey City, which can be converted into a custom menu for your special day.  Liberty House Restaurant is the perfect venue when it comes to New Jersey Weddings.

Bearbrook Valley

As a New Jersey Wedding Photographer, I’ve always said that this venue is perfect for those looking for a country getaway.  In the heart of Fredon, New Jersey, you’ll be able to enjoy a quiet stay away from the crazy urban city life.  This venue has a beautiful clubhouse on premise that offers private lounges, bars, gardens, and ponds…all on premise.  If you’re a golf lover, then you’re in for a treat.  The New Jersey Wedding Venue sits on a massive 18-hole golf course, perfect for a relaxing round with your buddies.