Must-Haves for Planning a Wedding

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding, it may seem like there are a million tiny details. When you get engaged, you might not know where to even start when it comes to picking out napkins for the reception or favors for your guests. Although there are a lot of decisions to make when planning your best day ever, be sure to focus on these must-haves for your dream wedding.

Delicious food

While the food might seem like only a small part of your reception, the truth is it can make or break a wedding. Food is important, and your guests will take notice if the meal at your wedding is good (or bad). When your family and friends look back on your wedding months down the road, they’ll remember if the salmon was amazing or if it left them wanting to order a pizza an hour later. Take the time to taste a few different food options and caterers to ensure that the meal at your wedding is delicious!

A realistic budget

Your wedding day can’t happen without money, and a lot of it! Unless you’re choosing to elope or head to the courthouse to save some cash, you’ll have to come up with a budget that works for you and your fiancé. Talk about who will be paying for what so you can figure out what is realistic for everyone involved. You don’t want to drain your savings account for just one day, so discuss your options for a wedding loan to work into your budget. You’ll want to set aside a specific amount of money for each aspect of your wedding so that you don’t overspend and run out before you even get down the aisle. Break your budget down into percentages so you know what you can afford for your venue, your dress, your caterer, and so on.

Great entertainment

Similar to the food, the entertainment you choose for your wedding reception will put a stamp on your wedding for better or for worse. It doesn’t matter if you want a band or a DJ, it only matters that the music is incredible! A big part of weddings is the dancing, so you want your guests on the dance floor instead of waiting at their seats for a good song. Make sure that your DJ or band has a wide selection of music that everyone will love. Don’t just play the top 40 that none of your aunts or uncles will know. You want your friends and family to have a blast at your wedding, and that all starts with the entertainment!

An amazing photographer

Your wedding only lasts one day, but with a great photographer, it can last a lifetime. Your wedding pictures are going to be the piece of your wedding that you get to cherish for the rest of your lives, so make sure to pick the perfect photographer for your big day. Ask around to people you trust to see their recommendations for wedding photographers, and ask to see their pictures to get a real sense of the person’s work. Look at your potential photographer’s galleries and website to see if their style matches your wants. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when looking at photographers; this is a decision you won’t want to regret! If both photo and video are something you want to capture your wedding day, look into a videographer too so that you can relive your day over and over again.

A fun twist

Chances are, your loved ones with be attending a lot of other weddings the same year you get married. You want to be sure that there’s something that sets your day apart from the rest! Whether you have an edible donut wall for your guests to snack on (yum!), or a choreographed dance, do something that will leave your guests saying “wow!” Have a creative guest book where your guests can take photo booth pictures and leave you a funny message! Every thoughtful detail can add up to an amazing day.

The love of your life

This one’s a given, but come on, it had to be said. Without the person you’ve chosen to marry, all of the other details of a wedding would be meaningless. Don’t forget to take a step back and remember what this celebration is truly about: your love!