Long Island Weddings

When it comes to Long Island Weddings, there is no better place to get married than this New York haven.  You get the urban excitement of being a train ride away from New York City and the quiet serenity of being on a peaceful New York peninsula.

As a Long Island Wedding Photographer, I have captured dozens upon dozens of Long Island Weddings.  Long Island Wedding Photography is special to me.  Why is it special to me?  Because there are so many organic elements that can be infused into your once-in-a-lifetime pictures.  From the alluring North-end and South-end coasts to the tropical feel within Montauk, to the vivacious towns scattered throughout Long Island, all the way to the luxurious wineries and vineyards; Long Island has so much to offer.

Long Island Wedding Photographers typically favor specific Long Island Wedding Venues.  I am guilty of this practice.  Whether you’re looking for formal Wedding Halls in Long Island, a Hamptons Wedding, or something specific such as a Long Island Winery Wedding – your preferences can be met with the vast amount of options Long Island has to offer.  Below are some of my favorite Long Island Wedding Venues:


Wedding Venues Long Island

Long Island Winery Wedding & Long Island Vineyard Wedding

If you’re looking to have a Long Island Winery Wedding or a Long Island Vineyard Wedding, then take the time to explore the following venues:

– Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard

Bedell Cellars (one of my favorite Long Island Wedding Venues, when it comes to a Long Island Winery Wedding)

– Castello di Borghese Vineyard & Winery

– Clovis Point Winery

– Corey Creek Vineyards (in terms of Long Island Weddings, this is a beautiful venue!)

– Duck Walk Vineyards

– Harmony Vineyards

– James Point Vineyards.


Long Island Mansion Wedding

Long Island Wedding Photographers and Long Island Wedding Planners love anything to do with a Long Island Mansion Wedding.  Typically, these weddings provide us unique aesthetics which we love to play around with.

There are a substantial number of beautiful mansions on this peninsula.  In fact, some of the most expensive real estate in the world exists on Long Island.

When it comes to large estates, there are typically countless areas to shoot your Long Island Wedding Photography.  I’ve seen mansions with gardens and gazebos that would make you think you were at the Gardens of Versailles.  I love utilizing the unique and luxurious backdrops as part of my photo’s composition.


Barn Wedding Long Island

With so much urban craze happening throughout New York City, sometimes it’s nice to experience a rural and less congested wedding.  If you find yourself in the market for a Long Island Barn Wedding, check out the below Long Island Wedding Venues:

– The Old Field Club (when it comes to Long Island Weddings, make sure to check this venue out…seriously)

– Peconic River Herb Farm

– The Barn at Old Bethpage Village (Another one of my favorite Long Island Wedding Venues)

– Cassidy Hill Farm