Lessons I’ve Learned Shooting Weddings and Engagement Sessions Outdoors

Here’s a detailed list of lessons that I have learned while shooting Wedding and Engagement Sessions Outdoors.  I hope they can be of use to you!

lessons i've learned


1) Take The Time To Talk with your Photographer:

The reason this is important is that you to trust and warm up to you your Photographer.  It can be weird for a stranger to start taking pictures of you right away.  That being said, the last thing you want to feel when you’re having your photo taken is discomfort. You’ll end up standing around, surrounded by a n0n-genuine and awkward energy. Trust me, it shows!

I always like to “warm up” by having an upbeat conversation with my couples.  Funny jokes, interesting stories, compliments, and a bit of confidence can go a long way to loosen people up.  I want to connect to my couple’s in the most sincere way possible.  It’s this special connection that leads way to beautiful photography.

2) Make Sure to Have Some Bobby Pins, Makeup, Tape:

Another valuable tip to add to my lessons list.  I always have a little just-in-case bag with me at all times.  Sometimes hair gets flat, clothing will not cooperate with the weather, and makeup will smudge.  I always like to have these little tools with me, wherever I am.

3) Put Phones Away:

Hey, we live in a digital age where we’re glued to our phones. But not when we’re taking photos!  It’s imperative that we let go of those phones so that the time spent shooting comes from a place of emotion and love.  You’ll want to appreciate the moments you get to be in the arms of your true love.

4) Maintain a Good Attitude During Unexpected Weather Conditions:

Mother Nature has a mind of her own and sometimes decides to change her mind last minute.  If there is a 50% chance of rain, I always come up with some indoor backup locations.  My phone’s weather radar app is always open in case swift decisions need to be made!

I even have apps that tell me where the sun is setting and when it is the harshest.  While we all hope for sunny photos and golden hour sunsets, sometimes a little rain and wind add to the photography aesthetic.  In fact, there’s a beautiful romantic vibe that I can capture when things like this happen.  We could use props like clear umbrellas, a coffee shop setting, or even shoot an at home engagement session which can truly capture your vibes.

5) Have a Positive Attitude and Have Fun:

Having fun, smiling and being positive is one of the main key attributes to beautiful photos.

Empty your mind and trust that I have your best interest at heart.  I want you to look back at these images and feel the same feelings that you had when you first laid eyes on each other.  Let me take care of the capturing while you stay present and excited about the next chapter of your relationship!