How to Plan a Destination Wedding in 2021

If COVID-19 has you worried about planning a lavish and traditional wedding, maybe a destination wedding in 2021 would be a better idea. We get it! This global pandemic is wreaking havoc on the wedding industry; while COVID-19 can cancel or postpone a lot of things, one thing is for sure, it can’t cancel love. Here are all the details on how to plan a destination wedding in 2021…and it will be unforgettable.

The Date

When planning a 2021 destination wedding during a pandemic, you will want to make sure that you choose a date that gives guests enough time to save. Many of your closest family and friends may have lost their jobs, so having time to save and plan is crucial. 

The Dress

Bridal boutiques worldwide have had to implement new safety measures that can make shopping for your wedding dress less enjoyable. They require masks, limiting the number of appointments, limiting the number of people you can bring, and more. If you really want an incredible shopping experience, we suggest you shop from home. How? It’s pretty easy, actually, and if you wish, you can even invite your entourage over to help you find the perfect dress (as long as you feel it’s safe). 

The best place to shop for your wedding dress online is Anomalie. They are America’s best-reviewed wedding dress retailer and offer you an incredible and personal shopping experience. From the comfort of your home, you can “virtually” shop for your perfect wedding dress. You will work with a stylist via Zoom, select all of the beautiful details you want in your gown, and ultimately design a gown that fits your style flawlessly. Ready to get started creating your custom made wedding dress?


Choose a destination that is easy to get to and affordable for the guests that will feel safe to travel. Remember, COVID-19 may have impacted their financial situation, so having an affordable destination will greatly appreciate it. 

The Fine Print

Make sure you read your vendor contracts carefully. They have likely had to modify their contract agreements due to the pandemic. There may be some unexpected terms and conditions. 

Go Virtual

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to be flexible and creative. Today we have incredible technology that allows you to connect with people around the globe virtually. When you are planning a 2021 destination wedding, you can’t do it blindly. After all, it is still your wedding, and you want it to be unforgettable and enjoyable. 

Part of having a dream wedding is that it feels effortless and stress-free. Meeting your wedding vendors virtually will allow you to get to know them, their style, and their personality. Hiring a team of wedding vendors that you “connect with” feel comfortable around will help you have a destination wedding beyond your imagination. If you don’t click with your wedding vendors, it can make your wedding day tense and uncomfortable; no one wants that. So, hop on a Zoom call and get to know them!

Don’t stress too much about planning a 2021 destination wedding. No matter what happens with this pandemic, the focus should be on love and joining together as one. Your wedding day, the way you want it.

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