Susan Shek Photography - FAQ Page

Here are some very important FAQ questions you would want to know and ask before hiring your photographer for the most important day of your lives together:

Q: What’s your history and experience with wedding photography?
A: Susan Shek has been photographing weddings for over 12 years. It all started when she fell in love her fathers vintage Polaroid cameras and 35mm film cameras. After college, Susan decided to start taking portraits of people and then photographed some famous DJs like Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk. Her recognition for capturing imagery with the best use of light gained her some attention by some high school friends who chose her to document their wedding day.  From that very first wedding, she was drawn to the romance, the story, and everything wedding related. It led to a full-time passion and career of Wedding Photography.

Q: What type of cameras do you and your studio use?
A: Susan Shek was trained for many years on full frame Nikon DSLR Camera bodies, while her partner and associates are trained with Canon Full Frame DSLR cameras. We also use Sony mirrorless cameras in our collection, as well as a wide range of different native lenses, off camera flashes, and studio flashes like ProFoto when required.

Q: How many images will I receive from my wedding?
A: We deliver around 1500+ photographs and we believe in quality over quantity. We love capturing as many details and highlights of your day. We shoot in RAW and deliver high-resolution JPGs at the final production. These will be memories that you will cherish forever.

Q: Does your company provide videography services?
A: We do provide videography as well as fully produced cinematography services with 1 or more shooters, who will capture your day on film. We will fully edit the footage so that we can provide you a professionally crafted Wedding Video.  We also provide the unedited footage for your use.

Q: Have you worked at my venue before?
A: We get this question a lot and are happy to answer. We shoot at a lot of venues across New York City, the Tri-State area, and beyond. If we have not worked at your venue before, we will do our research and schedule a walk-through with your venue.  The goal is to get familiarized with the venue before your big day.  We will scout locations inside and around your venue, in order to find the best light and settings.

Q. What if it rains on my wedding day and I do not know what to do?
A: Susan Shek and her team have worked in all different conditions, including both hurricanes and power outages. We always have a backup plan. For example, Susan worked a wedding where Hurricane Sandy had just torn through the city and caused a massive blackout.  She was still able to help the couple craft an alternative plan with her use of floodlights and a found back up generator!  Umbrellas can be used too, which had a stylized effect to the photos.

Q: What happens if you’re a sick? Do you have backup photographers?
A: Rarely happens, but if it does, Susan Shek has her partner who she shoots with 99 percent of the time, and also a team of vetted associates that can second shoot.

Q: Do you offer destination weddings?
A: We have shot weddings in Australia, Hong Kong, Greece, Minnesota, Chicago, Hawaii, and the United Kingdom. Susan even helped plan a wedding in Mykonos, Greece this past July which turned out to be a huge success!  We love to travel, so we are ready and willing to work with your budget and needs.

Q: Who will be photographing my wedding?
A: Susan Shek prides herself on offering the very best for all of her clients.  While most of the photography packages offered by Susan guarantee that she will shoot your wedding, there are packages that would involve Susan’s highly professional and talented partner, and/or associates, to shoot your wedding. Regardless, Susan handles all the office work, communication, and editing of all the weddings herself.

Q: We have downtime during my wedding. Do you charge for it?
A: We do include this in our full day packages, especially since it’s difficult for us to take breaks on your wedding day.  Even if we take a break during anytime downtime and come back for the second portion of your wedding day, we are always working (backing up images, editing, culling).

Q: How long does it take for an album or albums to be produced?
A: Production times vary, but usually within 4-6 weeks from the time you select your images.  You will receive one layout change approval before it goes to print.

Q: How many photos can we put in an album?
A: We recommend that you select about 40-50 photos.  I will organize the entire layout of your selected photos and will place them in chronological order.  Each album amounts to about 15-20 pages, with each page being about a quarter inch thick.

Q: Do you keep a backup of our images?
A: We do keep a backup of all your pictures on our external G-Drives and an online cloud-based storage site.  We typically keep the pictures a year or longer.

Q: Do you have liability insurance for our wedding?
A: Yes we have full coverage of our photography, videography and photo booth.  We will provide documentation to your venue about a month before your wedding day.

Q: We would love to meet with you at your studio, but we are very busy or live out of town.  What should we do?
A: Susan Shek can Facetime, Skype or chat over the phone.  This is the perfect opportunity discuss details, questions, and your wedding date.

Q: Can you meet us in the middle regarding pricing and budget for our wedding day?
A: Don’t let budget and pricing steer you away from booking one of the top wedding photographers in New York. We are happy to work with you on your budget as long as it’s within reason. We also have many top-vetted photography associates that work with a variety of budgets.  No need to price shop and get overwhelmed with the hundreds of photographers/videographers out there.

Let us know if there are any other FAQ questions you would like us to add!