So your significant other has finally proposed, you have begun planning your wedding, you have chosen one of the many Engagement Photographers NYC has to offer, and it’s finally time to prepare for your Engagement Session.

I’ve shot just as many Engagement Sessions as I have weddings and I’ve learned what makes an engagement session go smoothly. I love to shoot these sessions, as this is a great way for me to learn more about the couple before the Wedding. Below are a few tips to make sure that the shoot goes just as expected:

1. Get Groomed for the Engagement Session:

Fellas, make sure you’re groomed and in tip-top shape when it comes to this shoot day. Ladies, I highly recommend a blow out with a professional make up session. I recommend Beautini By B.Lo for all your hair and make up needs!

Wear a little bit more makeup than usual because if we’re shooting outside, sometimes the natural light can get unpredictable.  It’s always a good idea to have a little bit of shine control and extra lipstick, just in case! Also, get your nails done just in case we shoot close-ups of the ring!

2. Coordinate Outfits for the Engagement Session:

This tip is overlooked often. When you get your photos back, you want to look at them and say “wow, we look so great”. This doesn’t mean the outfits have to be too similar to each other. But if the bride-to-be is wearing a dress and he’s in jeans and a tee, it’ll look awkward.

3. Plan Your Location for the Engagement Session:

It’s imperative that we shoot in a location that has lots of beautiful natural light, or a place that holds meaning. Shooting outdoors is always fun but be mindful of the surroundings. Also, make sure that your outfits are appropriate for the weather.

I want to be able to capture you and your partner in the best light and in order to do so, both of you should feel comfortable in the environment.

4. Be Relaxed and Have Fun for the Engagement Session:

It may seem slightly awkward at first, having me shoot you in an intimate setting or out in the open on the busy street.  Trust is inherent here. The more you two are at ease, the more effortless and natural the photos will be. We’ll have a lot of fun, making sure that it’s not too posed or artificial.

Washington Square Park Engagement Session