“I’m Engaged! Now What?” will most likely be the first thing that comes to mind after your significant other pops the question.

From feeling like you’re on Cloud 9 to the beginning stages of the planning process – here is a list of priorities when you find yourself needing a place to start in the world of Wedding Planning.

Engaged, Now What? - Susan Shek Photography
Engaged, Now What? - Susan Shek Photography

1. Set A Date

Pick a date that works for you and your significant other. This is the most important step when planning your Wedding. What type of weather do you want to be present during your Wedding? Do you want a warm and sunny Summer Wedding, or a cool and crisp Fall Wedding surrounded by leaves that are in the middle of changing colors? You also want to ask yourself about availability. What date will be best for both yo.u and your fiancé to take off time from work? When is the best time for your friends and family to travel? These are all vital questions to keep in mind

2. Explore Different Styles

Start thinking about the style and pinning ideas on Pinterest (or maybe you already started your dream vision board!) See mine for additional ideas 😉 (https://www.pinterest.com/SusanShek/dream-wedding-goals/)

3.  Set A Budget

All engaged couples have one.  Try to stick with it as much as you can so you don’t get overwhelmed.

4. Choose your Bridal Party

This is going to be a tough decision. Do you want all your friends involved, some friends, or should none be involved so nobody feels left out?

5. Start a Tentative Guest List

Keep in mind that this will probably change as time goes on.  This can be a very exciting part of the planning process for newly engaged couples.  In addition to the excitement, it’ll allow you to begin visualizing the dynamic of your Wedding Party.

6. Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planners will take a lot of the stress off your planning by helping you envision your dream wedding and by making it come to life! A Wedding Planner knows exactly what they are doing since they have been in the industry for so long, they have seen it all. Interview a couple of Wedding Planners to make sure you get along with them and that they have credible work that you can appreciate!

7. Finalize your Location and Venue

Since Venues get booked up super-fast and are usually the first thing that people book when planning a Wedding, you want to make sure your Venue is available. It’s best to book at least a year to eighteen months in advance, to guarantee that you have your dream Venue!

8. Find a Caterer

Menu Tasting can be so much fun. Not only do you get to indulge and try all the different food, you get to plan a menu that you know your guests will be happy with.

9. Wedding Dress Shopping

There are so many choices and styles! Start narrowing them down by attending trunk shows of your favorite designers. The one I chose (for my own wedding) takes about 8 – 12 months to design and hand bead, so it takes a lot of patience waiting.

10. Choose Your Wedding Vendors

Once you have most of this list narrowed down, choose your wedding vendors. Spend most of your budget on your Photographer and Videographer because after all the food and drinks have been consumed, the flowers wilted, and your day has gone by; the only memories you will have of your whirlwind wedding will be from your Photos and Videos. Make sure to choose someone who has been doing this for a long time who is licensed and insured, to cover all the angles of your love story.