loeb boathouse

Weddings at the Central Park Boathouse

Central Park Boathouse is also known as the Loeb Boathouse. It is a popular and wonderful venue to get married in. The location couldn’t be more perfect being right in the center of Central Park. The iconic location offers incredible views of The Pond. You can also hire a gondola to take you around for portraits before or after your wedding ceremony. This allows you to enjoy the company of each other before heading into your reception. The weddings here are combined with their restaurant so the catering is done on-site and they supply all the necessary tables/seating for your wedding. They also provide a recommendation list to find vendors you need from florists to musicians and many others.

Central Park Boathouse is a historic location. It has been around since 1954 when it was rebuilt from its previous structure. It is one of the most recognized properties when people come to NYC and visit Central Park.

Our thoughts about the Loeb Boathouse

We love photographing weddings here because of the endless locations to take pictures around the venue. There are always different ways to design your wedding to make it unique and special. We love working with the venue manager because he is always so helpful and accommodating. The boathouse is good for any season in the year. Your guests can also be shuttled into the park via trolley, or if it’s a nice day, they can walk through the park and enjoy the sights. The food here is outstanding. Everyone that has their wedding here is always impressed with the service and the quality.

Real Wedding at the Loeb Boathouse