6 Essential Christian Wedding Traditions

“I now pronounce you man (husband in modern times) and wife…you may kiss the bride”.  This is a long time endeared statement that you’ll hear at most weddings.  It’s the statement that signifies and locks in the sanctity of a new marriage.  It’s the beginning of a new, blissful and romantic relationship.  Some people seek these out for their entire lives.  This is one of the many Christian Wedding Traditions that occur during most Christian Weddings.

While that one statement may seem non-specific to Christian Weddings, it is still considered a tradition that roots from biblical origins.  It is one of the many Christian Wedding Traditions that you’ll find today.  Now the thing with Christian Wedding Traditions is that you’ll rarely see the same traditions at every Christian Wedding.  With the vast number of Christian Sects such as Catholicism, Protestantism, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity (to name a few)…there are many unique traditions that fall under each religious sect.  Within each of those sects, there are a countless number of specific denominations and churches.  Each church will bring forth their own Christian Wedding Traditions that are practiced by members of their own congregation.  To get even more specific, many Christian families will even practice their own wedding traditions.  To sum everything up, there are an endless number of Christian Wedding Traditions.

Below are some of the standard traditions that you might see at the next Christian Wedding in which you attend:



Even though singing is a major part of most religions, it’s a HUGE part of Christianity.  In fact, a biblical commandment tells Christians that they must sing (Colossians 3:16).  Many pastors and priests will bring along their collection of hymns and songs; however, many Christian congregations and families have favorite songs that are sung during these joyous times.  These songs will typically celebrate new love, romance, and happiness.  Some of these songs will even reference verses and stories from the bible.

The next time you attend a Christian Wedding, make sure to rest your voice the day before…you’ll be singing your heart out the next day.


Foot Washing

For those who want to imitate and honor Jesus Christ, the Foot Washing tradition is an important one.  While many find it silly to take your shoes off in the middle of your wedding ceremony, this tradition is vital to many Christian Congregations.  As a Christian Wedding Photographer, this tradition makes for the perfect photogenic moment.  Quite often, it’s a silly photo moment that brings out genuine smiles.

In case you’re wondering, this tradition references to the time that Jesus washed his disciple’s feet at The Last Supper (John 13:1-17).


The Sermon

If you plan on attending an authentic Christian Wedding, make sure to use the bathroom beforehand…because there is a chance you’ll be in the ceremony for quite a while.  Some Christian Wedding Sermons might be relatively short, but in many instances, pastors and priests love to present a full sermon during the ceremony.  You can expect to hear many bible verses, stories, and even some personal notes from the pastor or priest himself.  It’s an opportunity for the pastor or priest to talk about what it means to truly love someone.


Tying of the Threefold Cord

As a Christian Wedding Photographer, I absolutely adore this tradition.  It gives me the opportunity to capture a metaphor that represents a bonded marriage.  I also love capturing both the bride and groom’s hands while holding the Threefold Cord.

This tradition is a reference to a very specific biblical verse (Ecclesiastes 4:12).  Each of the three cords represents an entity in this new marriage.  One rope represents the bride, one represents the groom, and the other rope represents God.  The overall tradition symbolizes that a marriage can’t break easily, just like the threefold cord.


The Wedding Dress and Veil

Even though many non-religious weddings and weddings within other religions utilize a White Wedding Dress and Veil, it means something very specific in the world of Christian Weddings.  Pretty much, this tradition holds two specific meanings.  The first symbolizes the wife’s purity of heart and in reverence to God.  It also represents the righteousness to Jesus Christ which is in the Biblical Verse (Revelation 19:7-8).

The Veil itself reminds us of the Temple Veil which was split in two when Jesus Christ died on the cross.  In other religions, the veil means something unique and specific.  In Judaism, the veil reminds the Jewish people of the story of Jacob in the Old Testament.


The Ring

When it comes to Christian Wedding Traditions, the ring is probably one of the most important traditions.  As a Christian Wedding Photographer, I love capturing the ring in as many photos as I can.  The ring represents unbreakable and endless love.

In Christianity, the ring is an outward symbol of the couple’s bond with the representation of a never-ending circle.  A ring used to be used (and sometimes still used) as a symbol of authority, as can be seen in the creation of legal documents.  You press a ring into hot wax and then use it to stamp legal documents.  Therefore, when a couple wears a ring, they are prioritizing their relationship to God over their marriage.

The ring also represents resources.  When a groom gives his bride a ring, he is offering her all of his resources such as his: wealth, emotions, love, belongings, and experiences.

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