When it comes to Wedding Trends for the 2018 season, The Black Tux is a leading authority in helping you figure out how to stay modern for 2018 Wedding Trends. Besides their vast amount of inspirational wedding articles that are filled to the brim with priceless information, The Black Tux is known specifically for being one of the top suppliers for Men’s Tuxedos.

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Let’s face it, most men can’t stand the idea of shopping. I can’t even get my own fiancé to go shopping with me. So, guess what?! I took advantage of the incredible service and experience offered by The Black Tux for the best online tuxedos and suit rentals for our engagement shoot in Paris.

My fiancé and I simply created an account on their website. From there we answered a few questions regarding his style preferences and size measurements and with the click of a submit button, his tuxedo arrived in no time at all. Even sending back with a self-addressed mailing label and the same box was so easy! And the best part of the entire experience was that the tuxedo fits PERFECTLY! See for yourself (and let me remind you he is taken hahaha) Photo by The Paris Photographer:

Susan Shek Fiancé in The Black Tux

Below are some of the exciting 2018 Wedding Trends that The Black Tux has put together. Enjoy the inspiration as you begin your exciting wedding planning process.

2018 wedding trends attire

There is nothing more in right now than the Breezy Chic organic look. Navy suits are a modern look that has yet to go out of style. Ladies, it’s time to rock that summer fashion with those white and light color tones.

2018 wedding trends The Decor

If you want décor to match your Breezy Chic look, then make sure you go with an aesthetic that sports fine detail. From your centerpieces to the overall venue décor, be as intricate as possible.

2018 wedding trends The food trend

You’ll probably want your food to be just as worthy as your décor and attire. If that’s the case, then it’s time to think out of the box. Food trucks are a big trend right now, as well as interactive food experiences done by incredible caterers like the one we chose for our garden wedding, Pinch Food Design. 2018 Wedding Trends it’s nice to be different and stand out, especially with how creative and modern the menu selections have become in an ever so competitive industry. We carefully thought out our food-centric wedding even received some attention from the New York Times! Check out our New York Times Article Here about our upcoming wedding food selections!

Last but not least, make sure your wedding venue keeps up with the rest of your wedding aesthetics and ahead of the trends. Many of the weddings I’ve shot recently have involved industrial and chic styles. From barns to warehouses to rooftop weddings…you can’t go wrong with a more natural organic vibe. Our wedding will be outdoor garden and cityscapes, as well as white indoor loft space with A/C especially in the middle of the summer! ☺