Engagement shoots in New York taking place everyday. As a New York native, I am always exploring and finding new exciting locations for engagement photos. People travel from all over the world to take pictures here. The various locations are endless and you can find different angles and styles every time you visit. Whether it’s for your engagement photos, wedding photos, or a surprise proposal, there are tons of options on locations for your perfect backdrop. Where are the best locations for your engagement photoshoot? Here I will share with you my 101 best engagement photos in NYC.

1. Top Of The Rock Outdoor Engagement Shoot

top of the rock outdoors for an engagement photo shoot

Located at 30 Rockefeller. This spot is always popular all year round. It is literally on top of Rockefeller Center with 360 views of NYC. The finest views in the whole New York! Tickets range from $41 to $75 depending on the time slot you are interested in going. They can be purchased here.

2. Top Of The Rock Indoor

top of the rock indoors with the couple facing empire state building for engagement photos

I love Top of the Rock so much, I had to feature another photo. This time from indoors when you first arrive on the main floor, you can take this photo by the window with the Empire State in full view. I love silhouettes like these!

3. The Arches at Central Park

The arches at central park underneath bethesda terrace

Central Park has the most picturesque locations. There are literally hundreds of spots to capture. Here I will list some of my top favorites. I really love The Arches at Central Park where Bethesda Terrace and fountain are located. Depending on the time of day or season, you can really get some different colors!

4. The Loeb Boathouse

standing by the lake facing the loeb boathouse at central park with a couple for their engagement photoshoot

The Loeb at Central Boathouse is a beautiful location to host your wedding or just go and have lunch or dinner in their private restaurant. It is a beautiful place as a backdrop for your engagement session.

5. Gondola in Central Park

a surprise proposal engagement shoot on a gondola at the lake in central park

A private gondola can take you around the lake in Central Park for your engagement session or you can even propose in a romantic setting!

6. Central Park Mall

At the famous central park mall with an engaged couple for their photo shoot in the park.

Central Park Mall is not really a “mall” but its more like a big open space where it leads you to the bandshell and also a bunch of street vendors who sell art and paint portraits and sometimes you will even find the bubble man who will make a bubble around you for your engagement photos.

7. Bow Bridge

bow bridge at central park for a photo shoot with a gorgeous couple

Bow Bridge is the number one most requested spot for engagement photos. It is romantic, and it also is a super photogenic location for you to be in. It does tend to get really busy, so either wait till there is a moment where it’s quieter or come at an early time when people are not around.

8. Gapstow Bridge

engagement photoshoot with gapstow bridge in the background at central park

Gapstow Bridge area is a pretty popular area as it is the closest bridge to the entrance for Central Park. It was also used in many famous movies such as Home Alone. A lot of people visit this bridge at all times of the day.

9. Gothic Bridge

an engagement photoshoot at gothic bridge in a beautiful autumn day

Gothic Bridge is also in Central Park, hidden near the reservoir. It is a beautiful old bridge that has been maintained very well by the parks. I love how secluded it is and perfect for engagement photos.

10. Pine Bank Bridge

pine bank bridge in central park photo shoot

Pine Bank Bridge is on the southwest side of Central Park near Columbus Circle. I love this bridge because it is also secluded and a lot of people pass by without noticing it. Perfect for a photoshoot if you are feeling a little shy and want to be away from the crowds.

11. Shakespeare Garden

Shakespeare garden in central park engagement photo shoot

These famous wooden stairwells will lead you up to Shakespeare Garden, where you will be met by an abundance of flowers and a path leading you up to Belvedere Castle in Central Park.

12. Belvedere Castle

Photo of a couple having their pictures taken with Belvedere castle in the background

Belvedere Castle is another popular location for photos to show the beautiful backdrop in Central Park.

13. Cop Cot

Cop Cot is a wooden structure built inside Central Park atop a hill facing the southside of the park. Romantic for photos of an engagement shoot or even hosts weddings inside or outside for a natural organic look.

14. Bethesda Fountain

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park

Bethesda Fountain is a romantic location for your photos. The water is turned off in the late fall, early winter to prevent a freeze but it is still beautiful for photos at any time of year.

15. Trefoil Arch

Trefoil Arch by the Loeb Boathouse

Trefoil Arch is an underpass that is surrounded by beautiful lush greenery that makes it a picturesque location in Central Park.

16. Inscope Arch

Inscope Arch in Central Park during autumn

Inscope Arch is close to the south side of Central Park. It connects the pond area of Gapstow Bridge with the east side near the Zoo.

17. 620 Loft and Garden

620 loft and garden at rockefeller center facing st patricks cathedral

620 Loft and Garden holds a very special place in my heart because this is where I got married last year. It is one of the most romantic venues for your wedding and also for an engagement photo shoot or surprise proposals like this one!

18. Conservatory Gardens Fountain

Conservatory gardens fountain in central park

Nestled upon 105th street and Fifth Avenue, Conservatory Gardens is a secret place that only allows you to have professional photography with a permit. This protects the park and makes it more desirable to take pictures.

19. Conservatory Gardens Trellis

couple inside conservatory gardens trellis.

This secret location of Conservatory Gardens is popular for small wedding ceremonies, engagement photoshoots, and just enjoying a romantic stroll through it!

20. Central Park Reservoir

Central Park Resevoir

The Central Park Reservoir is a protected water area. A lot of people like to go running on the path, it is also a great vantage point with views of the city skyline.

21. Bethesda Terrace

Bethesda Terrace in Central Park

Back over to Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, like the Arches, the ceiling illuminates in the mid-day to early evening. Making it a picturesque location for photos.

22. Brooklyn Bridge

couple being photographed on brooklyn bridge facing manhattan skyline

Taking photos on Brooklyn Bridge is all about timing. Either you are there on a crowded day, or you are there in the early hours when no one is even awake yet to walk the bridge. Sometimes I get lucky and a crowd will stay behind a bit for me to capture the perfect shot.

23. Brooklyn Promenade

sunset watching with a couple at the Brooklyn Promenade

Sunsets were made to be watched on the Brooklyn Promenade! You can see everything from these views and it is truly a beautiful sight for engagement photos!

24. Brooklyn Heights

fancy iron door in brooklyn heights with couple

Taking a stroll in Brooklyn Heights neighborhood you will always find a picturesque location for photos. This fancy door was one that we found when we did their engagement shoot.

25. Brooklyn Museum

couple at brooklyn museum

If you haven’t been to the Brooklyn Museum yet, I’d recommend you make a run for it! Its beautiful open fountain installation and artworks inside will surely delight you!

26. Dumbo

This little part of Dumbo is my personal favorite. It’s the closest to Manhattan Bridge and it’s so quiet over here because all the tourists and tend to head over to the busier parts like near the carousel and Brooklyn Bridge!

27. Empire Stores Dumbo

Empire Stores in Dumbo Brooklyn

My little secret spot is the rooftop of the Empire Stores for an epic engagement shoot. I usually like to end a Dumbo session here because we can take some photos during the golden hour. Its a little quieter than being right on the waterfront and you can see much more!

28. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Rooftop

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Rooftop Engagement Photos

I also love coming up to 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge rooftop when it’s nice out. There are also epic sunsets that happen over the horizon that make for perfect engagement photos!

29. Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach in Dumbo faces two bridges

Pebble Beach in Dumbo is another popular spot because it is a rocky beach area where you can enjoy the waterfront and also both Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge in between for a pretty engagement photo.

30. Williamsburg Bridge

down under the Williamsburg Bridge facing the East river

Williamsburg Bridge is one of those epic bridges that you can walk over and enjoy the views or you can walk around and underneath it a little from the East River Park. It’s far quieter here than the one in Brooklyn Bridge!

31. Domino Park

Domino Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn engagement shoot

Domino Park is one of the newest public parks in NYC for an engagement shoot. They have a taco stand too for food by Tacocina. It makes it fun for photos!

32. Janes Carousel

Janes Carousel in Dumbo Brooklyn with a couple for photos

Janes Carousel indoors or around the building is always a pretty sight for a photoshoot. I’ve even seen people rent it out for a surprise proposal.

33. Sailboat on the Hudson River

Sailing along the Hudson River on a private sailboat

One of the most unique engagement shoots to this day was going on a sailboat around the Hudson River with my couple. It was very different than being on land and having to balance to get the right shot! I loved every minute of it. Our original sailboat from a big company canceled on us leaving us finding this gem TrueSailing which was the best experience!

34. Grand Central

Walking with a couple in Grand Central in Vanderbilt Hall

Grand Central can be a crazy busy area for your engagement photos. Luckily there are little pockets like this Vanderbilt Hall that would be perfect to step away from the crowds during rush hour.

35. Grand Central Overpass

At the overpass of Grand Central where cars pass by.

This is another epic spot for engagement shoots! I really love how if you time it right, you can get all the taxis to give you that iconic NYC look! No photoshopping here!

36. Whitney Museum Of Art

Looking out on the rooftop of whitney museum of art

You can get a great vantage point of the Empire State Building and the skyline from the roof of the Whitney Museum of Art. I love coming here and getting some beautiful photos.

37. Battery Park

Overlooking Statue of Liberty in Battery Park

Views at Battery Park are becoming more and more popular for engagement sessions because you also get park views, and also waterfront of Statue of Liberty!

38. Seaglass Carousel

On a Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park

I love the bright pastel colors of the Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park! It makes for beautiful engagement photos and also wedding photos! Its unique features of floating fish and classical enchanted music makes it fun for all ages!

39. Flatiron Building

Couple kissing in Flatiron by Eataly and Shake Shack

Taking photos in the Flatiron District always has a different look every time I’m here. Depending on the time of day, the light changes over Madison Square Park. The smells coming from Shake Shack and Eataly just make me want to stop in for a snack after an engagement shoot!

40. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Couple kissing for their engagement photos at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I love coming over to Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There is an entrance fee, but if you are a member, it’s free to come here. If its a rainy day, you can go to the indoor greenhouse for some great engagement photos!

41. Prospect Park

Standing by the big tree inside Prospect Park for engagement photos

My favorite part of Prospect Park is this big tree near the front entrance from Grand Army Plaza. It’s so big and bold and has the perfect backdrop for photos.

42. West Village Townhouse

Standing by the West Village townhouse that was once owned by Annie Lebowitz.

This West Village Townhouse is pretty famous for engagement shoots because this building used to belong to Annie Lebowitz. Its beautiful charming greenery makes it stand out along the whole area!

43. Meatpacking District

A couples photo shoot in Meatpacking District

Meatpacking District is full of shops and buildings that used to be big warehouses for meat distribution. Now it’s famous for shopping and the area where Chelsea Market is.

44. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware building for an engagement shoot

A giant Restoration Hardware store was built in the middle of the Meatpacking District. It is a good alternative to secretly pretend like you own the furniture for a private engagement shoot. There is also a cute restaurant and cafe in this building as well!

45. Park Restaurant in Chelsea

Park Restaurant in Chelsea

This nicely decorated restaurant is home of some of the popular intimate weddings. Perfect backdrop for some engagement photos too!

46. Public Hotel

Public Hotels escalator engagement shoot

I love this hotel’s grand escalator that’s always fun for some artistic photo shoots like this engagement session I photographed last month! Public Hotel smells so good too and Jean Georges has a restaurant here that is delicious!

47. Bowery Wall

Bowery Wall on Bowery and Houston Street for engagement photos

Did you know the Bowery Wall has different artists that are commissioned to paint something beautiful here every couple of months? It’s always a nice sight to see and visit to get some stunning images for engagement shoots. Bowery Wall’s orginal mural was painted by Keith Haring and is still behind the new structure to protect it from vandalism!

48. Chinatown

Chinatown couple running through the street

Chinatown can be pretty busy at all times of the day. If you go at the right time in this small alleyway called Doyers Street, you can sometimes find some pockets of calm. I love this vibrant engagement shoot of this couple just having fun!

49. 50 Bowery Hotel

Sitting on the rooftop at 50 Bowery Hotel having champagne

If you go up to the 50 Bowery Hotel for a drink at their rooftop bar called The Crown, you will be able to take in all the views of uptown Manhattan and also downtown towards the Financial District.

50. Washington Square Park

Dancing in the fountain of Washington Square Park

I love when a couple I photograph is down for jumping in the fountain at Washington Square Park for some engagement photos.

51. Bushwick Inlet Park

Standing on the inlet of Bushwick Inlet Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Bushwick Inlet Park is a secret part of Williamsburg. It’s not actually in Bushwick, but rather on the outskirts of the waterfront of East River State Park. When there’s a high tide, this part dissapears.

52. Versa Rooftop in Midtown

at the rooftop of Versa a restaurant in midtown.

This cute restaurant/bar in Midtown called Versa is the perfect spot for some engagement photos or even to host a party. It is located inside the Renaissance Hotel. I didn’t even notice it until recently!

53. NYU Language Houses

On the alleyway of the Language Houses owned by NYU sitting on a stoop

This little alleyway is owned by NYU and has the cutest block of row houses and cobblestones. I always love coming here to take photos!

54. NYU Area

townhouses by NYU in washington square park area

Most of Washington Square Park area is owned by NYU. There are a lot of faculty townhomes lining the perimeter that makes for pretty engagement photos!

55. Underground Subway

A photo of a couple standing near a subway passing by.

I love taking some artistic engagement photos with the subway passing by. They always make for some creative shots!

56. Metropolitan Museum Of Art

at the temple of dendur in metropolitan museum of art for engagement photos

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a great location for engagement photos. Especially on a rainy day. There is no flash photography allowed, but you can definitely find some nice pockets of the museum areas for pictures!

57. Columbia University

a photo of a couple kissing in front of Columbia University

Sometimes I have couples who attended University at Columbia. They like to go there and take some engagement photos. We always find some nice locations within the campus!

58. Columbia University Law Library

Standing at the overpass in Columbia Universitys Law Library

I love this overpass at Columbia University’s Law Library area. It makes for some stunning engagement photos especially during golden hour.

59. NY Public Library

Walking down the steps of the NY Public Library

Depending on the time of day, or when the NY Public Library is closed, you can get some nice photos for engagement session here.

60. Prospect Park Entrance – Grand Army Plaza

Prospect Park's Entrance called Grand Army Plaza dancing photo

At Prospect Park’s Entrance, called Grand Army Plaza, you will find a large archway which is also great for taking engagement photos

61. Prospect Park Boathouse

Standing at the pond in Prospect Park Boathouse

Prospect Park Boathouse has their own beautiful venue in the center of the park. They host weddings and also other events but they do not have a public restaurant on site. It is also another beautiful backdrop for enggement photos.

62. Union Square Park

Silhouette of a couple in Union Square Park

High up above on the 6th floor of a private building, you can get a nice vantage point of Union Square Park. You can also go down to the park and take some nice photos of the Union Square Market. In the wintertime, they have the Holiday Markets that are also entertaining.

63. Forbidden Planet

Photo shoot at Forbidden Planet

Sometimes I get couples that want to show off their interests by doing their engagement shoot in a more meaningful location. Forbidden Planet happens to be a very cool comic and hobby store in Union Square where you can share your love for the same interests.

64. Bryant Park

Engagement shoot at Bryant Park

Bryant Park is a nice area where you can lay in the middle of the grass during the summertime, or in the winter, you can stroll through their holiday markets. I love doing engagement shoots here because there are so many different angles to take pictures.

65. Highline in Chelsea

Couple standing ontop of the highline in chelsea

The Highline in Chelsea is a long stretch railroad that sits ontop of street level that has been turned into a park for people to take a nice walk on. I like to do engagement shoots here because there are so many backdrops to choose from!

66. Times Square

kissing in times square

Times Square is crazy crowded at all times of the day and evening. The bright neon lights shine 24/7 making it a popular location for people all over the world.

67. The Rock in Central Park

Sitting at the big rock in Central Park

I love this little area of Central Park. It does require you to scale a hill to get to this spot from Ladies Pavillion, but its worth it!

68. Love Sign

Standing in front of the Love Sign in Midtown Manhattan.

This art installation has been a part of New York City for a very long time. It is a nice way to show some Love in the city!

69. Lexus Art Gallery

The art installation at this Intersect by Lexus Art Gallery changes frequently. I was happy to bring my couple here for the Jeff Latham installation of orchids. It was a really stunning place for an engagement shoot.

70. Cherry Hill at Central Park

couple kissing at cherry hill in central park

One of my personal favorite locations for an engagement shoot is here in Central Park at Cherry Hill, It is surrounded by this beautiful willow tree and faces the famous lake where all the people enjoy boating in the summer time.

71. Roosevelt Island

couple sitting on the edge of roosevelt island

Roosevelt Island is a fun location that can be accessed by Tram from 59th Street or driving. It is pretty in the spring as they have a cherry blossom festival

72. Astoria Park

Under the bridge at Astoria Park

Astoria Park has so many interesting locations to take your engagement photos. If you live over near that area, it is an option for some fun photo ops like this one under the bridge!

73. The Plaza Hotel

plaza hotel engagement photo session

The Plaza Hotel is a great place to stay and also have a chance to take some pictures either for your wedding or engagement session.

74. Tudor City

tudor city engagement shoot

Tudor City is a beautiful place for some engagement photos because it has such nice views of 42nd street. It’s also more quiet here unless its during ManhattanHenge which thousands of people camp out here to photograph the sunset between the buildings.

75. East Village

an engagement shoot in the east village.

I grew up in the East Village area so I know all the great spots for photos like this one. There is also a row of street art over on 1st street that people love to take photos in.

76. Lower East Side

Katz Deli engagement shoot in the lower east side

Famous for more than Katz Deli and Punk Rockers, Lower East Side is a really fun place if you like bars and smaller boutique shops! Also a great place for engagement photos as its something different than your usual.

77. South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport Photo Shoot

I love seeing different views from all over NYC. South Street Seaport has really transformed through the years. There are also some great views of Brooklyn Bridge from this area.

78. Pier 17

Pier 17 for an engagement session

Pier 17 is the newest development in South Street Seaport. They have a Jean George restaurant called The Fulton, and concerts upstairs on the rooftop in the summer time. Its a nice new place for engagement photography as well!

79. Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle Engagement Session

Columbus Circle is a busy intersection for cars. There is also an entrance to Central Park from here that is helpful after a couple photos in this area.

80. The Ramble Central Park

taking pictures at the ramble in central park

I love taking couples to the Ramble in Central Park. Its a fun way of exploring and pretending like we are lost but really not.

81. Tribeca

tribeca for engagement photo shoot

Tribeca is really a beautiful location for engagement photos. Most of the time its quiet and I love the red brick contrast with the cobblestone streets.

82. Staple Street Bridge

Standing in the middle of Staple Street Bridge

Staple Street Bridge area is famous for engagement photos and wedding shoots because its so raw and you can get some really great photos here.

83. City Hall Park

Kissing at City Hall Park

City Hall Park is lesser known for photo shoots uness you plan on getting married at the Marriage Bureau. I love how pretty the buildings are within the park.

84. Soho

Standing in the middle of the street in Soho

Soho has so many beautiful cast iron buildings that makes a perfect location for engagement sessions!

85. NOMO Soho Hotel

Engagement Photos at Nomo Soho Hotel

Whether you are staying at NOMO Soho or just wanting to use their front lobby space for some pretty engagement photos, it will be a nice backdrop that is pretty recognizable!

86. Little Italy

Little Italy Photo Shoot

Little Italy is fun for passing by and taking a couple photos in the area. Theres always pockets of places that have some street art on them.

87. Williamsburg

Williamsburg Engagement Session

Williamsburg has so many artistic locations to find for engagement photoshoots. This one in particular is at North Brooklyn Farms on the waterfront near Domino Park!

88. MTA Museum

a photoshoot at the MTA Museum

Another great location is the MTA Museum if the weather is less than desirable outside, you can always come here with a small entry fee. There are many vintage cars here that you can experience and feel like you have the place to yourselves!

89. Fort Tryon Park

An engagement shoot with a dog at Fort Tryon Park

Located at the end of Manhattan, Fort Tryon Park is a great place for engagement photoshoots. There are so many different locations to take pictures, and it tends to be quieter than Central Park! I always encourage you to bring your dog too!

90. Long Island City Gantry Park

sunset engagement session in Long Island City Gantry Park

I love the views from Long Island City Gantry Park. You can see the Empire State Building and also all the way down to south Manhattan. There are some nice sunsets from here as well.

91. Carl Shurlz Park

dancing at carl shurlz park

Located on the upper east side is Carl Shurlz Park. It is also where Gracie Mansion resides. It is a beautiful location for engagement photos with mutiple locations for pictures.

92. Red Hook

engagement shoot at the liberty warehouse in red hook brooklyn

Red Hook is really nice, but a little far for most people coming from the city. It is also a popular place for a wedding venue called Liberty Warehouse. It sits on the waterfront with views of the Statue of Liberty.

93. Bushwick Collective

engagement session in bushwick

Bushwick has really changed through the years and now it is a popular location for everyone to visit. A lot of young people and artists reside in Bushwick. Street artists have painted this area to make it more colorful and livable.

94. Riverside Park

a sunset engagement shoot on riverside park

Riverside Park is a beautiful park on the upper west side for engagement photos. I love coming here because the light is always nice.

95. Columbia University Entrance

columbia university engagement shoot by the entrance

Columbia University’s Entrance is a nice location for engagement photos when there’s not a lot of people.

96. Zabars

an engagement shoot in front of Zabars upper west side in manhattan.

When you are a fan of Zabars, you have to do your engagement session there!

97. Upper West Side

engaged couple sitting at a cafe on upper west side

One of the best kept secrets and bakeries on the upper west side is called Silver Moon Bakery. I’m so happy my couple wanted to do their engagement shoot here! Eat some cherry tarts and enjoy the company of each other!

98. Coney Island

vibrant engagement photo shoot at coney island

Coney Island is always a fun and vibrant place for engagement photos! You can go on rides or play some games and I will capture all the excitement!

99. Jackson Heights Queens

a fun dress up engagement shoot in Jackson Heights Queens

I love when my couples dress up as their favorite characters for their engaagement shoot in their neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens!

100. Lincoln Center

an engagement shoot in lincoln center

An engagement shoot at Lincoln Center is always beautiful especially on a quiet morning like this!

101. East River Piano

Now for the surprise! Not sure if this piano is still floating around somewhere, but it was the most incredible experience to follow this piano to this location under the Brooklyn Bridge. The piano supposedly washed up on shore and we had to take our couple here for an epic engagement photo shoot!

Now that you’ve learned about all the locations I’ve photographed, I am happy to share with you a guide on how to prepare for your engagement shoot with me.

Contact me to book your engagement photo session now before spots fill up!