Susan Shek Travel - New Zealand

“Travel” is a beautiful verb that encompasses an array of meanings.

To some, Travel means to enjoy a relaxing vacation.  To others, it means visiting family.  To Susan Shek, it means the discovery of new and enlightening stories.  As a photographer, it’s difficult not to capture these one-of-a-kind stories.  It’s like a deep-rooted need to preserve the inner sanctity of the memories and beautiful moments experienced while traveling.


Susan Shek loves to travel.


She lives for experiences abroad where she can learn about different cultures, all while capturing eye-opening stories. Susan Shek has been lucky enough to travel all around the world as a NYC Wedding Photographer.  From capturing weddings to personal travel, Susan has traveled to Forty-Two countries around the globe.

These enthralling experiences have taught Susan what it means to capture not only external stories but also the internal story of those being photographed.  This type of story is manifested through the eyes of the subject(s) being captured.  Every human being on this planet has their own story to tell.  Whether it’s a happy story or one of struggle, all stories should be valued and cherished because they are all one of a kind.  Susan’s goal in life is to tell as many of these stories as possible, utilizing her keen perception and the eyes of her lense.

It takes patience and a strong urge to learn, in order to discover and capture one of a kind stories.

Susan Shek has both, which has melded with how she approaches her Wedding Photography.  It is her utmost want to provide her clients with their very own one of a kind stories, in the most eclectic and original way possible.  In order to reach this goal, Susan takes the time to learn about every couple’s love story in order to accurately capture every moment and the overall ambiance of the couple.



Here are a couple slideshows from her travels.