A New York City Wedding Story

that allows our readers the chance to experience our weddings from the comfort of their computer and/or home.  Check out our blog on a weekly basis to learn about an array of Wedding related topics, along with exclusive NYC Wedding information, tips, recommendations, and experiences.  From learning about ‘How To Start Wedding Planning‘, to ‘How To Prepare For Your Engagement Session‘, all the way to our ‘Favorite NYC Engagement Session Locations‘ – we are to make your Wedding preparation as easy as possible.

We want your Wedding planning to be as easy as possible, which is exactly why we are here.  Our goal is to guide you step by step from your engagement to your honeymoon.  It’s easy to make the wrong decision when planning your wedding, especially in a place like New York City which is filled to the brim with a variety locations, ideas, services, and options.  This is when you start to ask yourself the following questions: Which of these professionals are reputable? When do I know if I’m overpaying for a particular service?  Where is the best location for my ceremony and party, with my specific needs and desires?  These are probably just some of the many questions you have and that’s why we want to help.  With a team of professionals who have countless years of experience planning New York City and Tri-State weddings, we are here to provide you the most efficient advice possible.

If you’ve looked at our blog and still have questions that need to be answered, please feel free to reach out at any given time.  We are here to provide tips, tricks, and recommendations regarding every step of your wedding process.  And don’t forget to think about Susan Shek Photography when it’s time to book your photographer!